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Vinea Shop
« on: February 25, 2021, 07:45:34 AM »
[This note can be find in Vallaki and Mist camp]

The following Items are for sale:
Enchant plated boots - Good boots to get defense.
Boots of the mouse - To walk like a little mouse
Odium Mortis - The best Warhammer to slain undead in the core.
Fists of balance - Powerfull gloves of elemental effect of Ice and Fire.
Courtiers Obi's - The belt you need if you want to be someone influent
Kargoian Vos cloack - A cold from another plan. The stronger wool you can find to fight the cold.
Ebon Tiger  Belt - The best belt to be someone quiet and hidden.
(I take bids on this one currently 120 000 fangs)

I'm looking to buy some of these items :
Illyndrathyl's Grandeur
Lotus Greaves
Shiny Chain Boots

Talisman of Dodging
Amulet of Natural Armor (The better version of it //+3)
Scarab of protection

You can leave a letter to Sonea Evertale in Midway Heaven.

// You can contact me ingame , on the forum or discord Sonea#8506
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[A sealed letter reaches Sonea]
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[A sealed letter is found for Sonea at Midway]