Author Topic: Ushered on Icy Winds - Rumors from the Frozen Reaches  (Read 182 times)

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Ushered on Icy Winds - Rumors from the Frozen Reaches
« on: February 07, 2021, 02:02:17 AM »
Word suffuses, traveling at a glacial pace as it always does from the Frozen Wastes, of turmoil in the artic abyss of Vorostokov.  A tiny hamlet known as Kargo is rumored to have been razed and on the brink of utter destruction.  A group of intrepid outlanders were reportedly present for raid by the Boyarsky, the foreigners serving as a valiant defense, but were eventually crushed by the Boyar Zolnik’s ruthless warriors.  It is said that those who survived the onslaught have tirelessly worked to rebuild, battling starvation, the savage elements, decimated morale, and frozen grieving stuck to the icy cheeks of all of the remnants of the hamlet.

Within the same frigid breath of tales, it is shared that the group of foreigners, thought beaten and defeated, rose back up to seek vengeance.  Tales are abound of the assault and infiltration of the town of Vorostokov, how the Boyar’s cruel warriors were defeated, and the sanctity of the Boyar’s own hall was disrupted.  The brave souls from foreign shores purportedly ended the tyrannical reign of the reviled Boyar Gregor Zolnik, slaying him in his own enormous lodge.  Still yet, according to legend, there were no signs of his remains to corroborate this tale, but rumors of a great melting thaw and the first sprouting of spring’s bounty of flowering buds carried with these tales…Has the curse of permafrost within the Frozen Reaches been broken, lending the lands to a revitalization by spring, or is this simply a momentary reprieve for the oppressed and  frostburnt Vos people? Whatever the outcome, the collective frost-hardy people of Vorostokov knew the touch of warmth and hope, if only for the moment.