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Author Topic: Fall 2020 Community Council Election Results  (Read 3856 times)


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Fall 2020 Community Council Election Results
« on: December 27, 2020, 02:03:36 PM »
Salutations all fellow mist-dwellers!

The community council elections for player-player representatives are now over. Thank you to all that decided to run and all the rest of you who took your time to vote.

These are the four player-representatives you've chosen to represent you in the coming term:



Forum account: Marionétt
Game login(s): Calad, strahd always knows, Temirah
Characters played: Mara Ionas, Cethril Maires, Misha, Hazal Balid


Forum account: inkcorvid
Game login(s): inkcorvid
Characters played: Iyraclea Rimewood ("Lyra"), Nim Farboffle, Sofie Reiss, Aidelina Gatteux


Forum account: MatticusCaesar
Game login(s): Matticus Caesar
Characters played: Conner Cunningham, Pristi Feld, Yerrith Greenstone, Gryllus Athens, Remo Fenberry, Angel Fenberry, Bjarna Blitzthorn


Forum account: Soulbourne
Game login(s): Soulbourne, Nephthys, Rivoire, Lightsworn, SevenOfThirteen, and NocturnalLuminous
Characters played: Danya Diavola von Khorvich, Danika Abd Hassran, Jadis Kendara, Calixte Rivoire, Andrea Foscari [Deceased], Sven Grassi [Deceased], Katraka Leske, Ludovic, and Arcadia Leventis.


The exact results will not be posted here, but if any of you who ran would like to know the exact amount of positives and negatives you received, please just send me a PM and I'll pass it to you.

To the four people above, the server teams look forward to working with you. You will be granted access to CC forums and Discord shortly. Those now retiring will keep their access for a few weeks to help you get into how things work.

To everyone else, keep these names in mind and use them whenever you have concerns, questions or remarks that you have regarding the community that doesn't pertain to outright rulebreaks or IC story elements (which should generally be directed to the DM team). Make use of them for your own benefit but also that of the community as a whole, so that frustrations, disagreements and mischief are dealt with before it evolves into bigger issues. It is a tool for community communication, diplomacy and coherence that we should all take advantage of in the process of making the community a better place for all to be a part of.

Soon we will put up a poll for your DM and developer representatives (provided that enough candidates enlist to have a proper election), as well as do our elections among the developer and DM teams.

On behalf of the server teams,

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Re: Fall 2020 Community Council Election Results
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2021, 06:23:57 PM »
Greetings again!

The DM and Development team have picked their own player representatives, and put forward their own nominees. Since there were only three candidates for each team, there won't be additional votes. Here are the new councilors:

DM Representatives:
DM Dread

Developer Representatives:

Player Representatives:
Revenant (DM pick)
JustMonika (Developers pick)

I'll update the Community Council roster with the new representatives. Please join me in welcoming them to the CC!