Author Topic: Letter to the community re: confidentiality breach  (Read 2745 times)

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Letter to the community re: confidentiality breach
« on: February 03, 2021, 12:03:51 AM »
The PotM Community,

In the interest of transparency and to foster trust throughout our community, the Head DM team and server administration had to regrettably issue bans on two individuals recently and remove them from their positions on the Community Council. Out of respect for their privacy, we will not divulge their identities, but will assure everyone that we did receive indisputable evidence of breaches in confidentiality and leaking of sensitive information prior to making this unfortunate decision. Independent of our appreciation and gratitude for their contributions to the server, we could not ignore the importance of these breaches. We want to assure everyone that the staff highly values trust, confidentiality, and the commitments we make to our community.  Though it was decided with a heavy heart, we had no choice but to issue an indefinite ban, as prescribed in the Council's internal rules and consistent with the gravity of the actions.

We understand and share the disappointment, concern, and/or surprise this revelation comes to you all of you, as it was for us as well, but trust within the community is paramount to collaboration and these breaches severely erode that trust. We want to reiterate that we hold maintaining confidentiality in the highest regard, whether as a DM, councilor or developer. We hope that this notice for transparency purposes is taken for the measure it is intended: to demonstrate our desire to continuously foster your trust, to prove our commitment to integrity, and to showcase our genuine willingness to strengthening our community.  We encourage anyone with questions or concerns about this ruling or confidentiality in general to not hesitate to contact us, the DMs, or the Community Council. We'll be more than happy to help you and are grateful for your understanding.

This removal resulted in an open slot on our player representation for the Community Council. That position has been filled by the candidate with the next highest vote tally from the Community Council elections.  Despite coming on the wake of regrettable news, I hope everyone will join me in congratulating the newly elected (and returning) player representative to the Community Council, EmptyAnima.

The Head DM Team