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Jernvakt Trading Company
« on: January 30, 2021, 07:42:29 AM »
Notices start appearing around the Mist Camp, Hazlan, and some even make their way towards Barovia and Vallaki...

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Ittt is with pride that I announce the opening of Jernvakt trading company. Our company deals in both the ordinary and extraordinary supplies. Wares salvaged from the Core’s darkest corners as well as crafted supplies can be attained from our store. Please take a look at our pricing guide below for  all of our wares and services. These notices will be updated when necessary upon changes in both stock and services. If we have something  you seek please have a letter sent to the Cathedral located in Nordenvall Hazlan.


Gudkaedes Kaazimir Dvornikov

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Pricing Guide Update - 4/07/776
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Jernvakt Price Guide for Salvaged Goods ~ Update 4/07/776

~Salvaged Wares~

Amulet of Ra x2 ~ 9000 each

Deep Shadow Strike ~ 8000

Slayers Robes ~ 25,000

Brawlers Belt ~ 15,000

Saif of the Elements ~ 8000

Lesser Arcane Grounding Rod ~ 3000

The Wonders of Physickal Mechanicks Applied to Trap Making Vol.III x2 ~ 3000

Scabbard of Blessing ~ 2000

Spirit Walker's Censer ~ Offers

Marson's Cane ~ Offers

Jernvakt Price Guide for Crafted Goods ~ Update 4/06/776

~Steel Weaponry~

Tiny Weapons (Daggers and their various counterparts) ~ 300

Small Weapons (Short Swords and similar) ~ 500

Medium Weapons (Rapiers, Scimitars and Similar) ~ 700

Large Weapons (Greatswords, Bastard swords and similar) ~ 1000

~Steel Armor and Accessories~

Chain Shirt ~ 1000

Chain Mail ~ 1200

Banded Mail ~ 1400

Half-Plate ~ 1600

Fullplate ~ 2000

Helmets, Bracers, Gauntlets ~ 400

~Armor Lining Prices~

Dire Animals, Snakes, and Worg ~ 300

Troll & Ebon Tiger ~ 500

Ancient Dire Crocodile and Bodak ~ 1000

~Gilding Prices~

Silver & Gold ~ 1000

Electrum ~ 1500

Platinum ~ 4000

~Adamantine Wares~
All adamantine related wares are sold at their price per ingot. For humans of good moral ethic and character a price of a mere 25,000 will be asked if Jernvakt is to provide the ingots themselves. Failing to meet the standard mentioned prior it is 50,000 for each ingot Jernvakt must provide. Labor costs of working Adamantine are a 5,000 for humans of good moral ethic and character, and the price for those who don't meet such standard 10,000.  Adamantine prices are potentially negotiable and if you seek negotiations please let that be known in your order. I will no longer be forging adamantine weapons for buyers using ingots that I collect. If you want an adamantine weapon, the ingots must be provided.

~Resource Whole Sale~
Jernvakt is willing to wholesale the following raw resources: Iron Ores, and Steel Ingots. If you are interested purchasing these whole sale resources let it be known to me once again in a letter and terms will be negotiated.

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Re: Jernvakt Trading Company
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New fliers take the place of and replace the old ones...

//Updated 3/1/776

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Re: Jernvakt Trading Company
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A new set of fliers appear to replace the old...

//Update 4/6