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Prose and Valor
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the blinding charge

the last of the bright horsemen came,
with burning hearts and gleaming blade,
onwards to mechanim death: fusillade,
come powder's end: none remained.

Lake Silvermere shone brightly under the light of the afternoon sun, its pristine waters lapping against the cliffs that held up Castle Sapphirewatch. A ruin, old and derelict now, sprawling with vegetation and the remains of a terrible battle that took place ages thence. Her boot scuffed the dust and shoved away debris from a trapdoor on top the tallest tower, and finally, after days of searching the rubble, anticipation gripped her.

The years of her youth spent in the Order's embrace prepared her for this - the first test among many. Not everyone followed the path she chose; most had kept to the simplest of tasks and duties, to safeguarding, contemplating, meditating. But a precious few volunteered for the highest honor of going through the gauntlet that would prove them worthy.

Here she was, ready to test herself in the hall of the Sapphire Eye, to wear the sacred amulet 'round her neck, and to pass the trial of Paladins. All it required was to climb down the hatch, and into the void.