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Darkon - The Battle of Karg
« on: January 20, 2021, 06:13:11 PM »

It has been almost an entire decade since the conflict between the Eternal Order and the Zealots of the Church of Ezra began in Karg. The war started with Bastion Teodorus Raines' will to expand the faith further into Darkon and establish an even more dominant foothold throughout the realm. Both factions had been locked in an unending stalemate, and the fractured state of the Church of the Sorrowful Dead, and the Eternal Order as a whole, made it seem as if the old faith of Darkon was doomed to defeat.

In a recent, surprising turn of events, the defenders managed to fend off the Zealots and repel them away after a decisive victory. This sudden defeat crippled the besieging forces and has now forced the Fourth sect troops to retreat eastward.

Explanation as to how Raines' troops lost the Battle of Karg remains unclear. One rumor has it that benefactors to the siege have suddenly seized all funding. Another claims that the absence of Bastion Raines' in Darkon has caused this defeat to occur. The third rumor speaks of disagreements among the ranks of the Zealot forces that created a divide that the enemy exploited. As it stands, the truth remains a mystery.

The news would not bode well for Bastion Teodorus Raines, who has bid to become the next Praesidius. This defeat would definitely have impact in the ongoing election for the next head of faith.