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Axfell: Redemption or Corruption
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Author's Note: This is a internal journal in the view of the character Jack Wilson. Reflecting his mentality and thoughts. Errors of names or places may be genuinely the way he sees. I like to thank those involved in Jack's story and his progress especially to DM Brimstone for granting me the opportunity for this character progression. For Brimstone and others involved this is an update and consistency in events in Jack's life since the last time he tried to save himself. I hope you will all enjoy.

Little over a Month has passed since Jack attempted to find his cure and the results were all right. Though it temporarily relieved him it had also killed him in the process only to be rejuvenated and for a brief few minutes know the feeling of redemption. It was a feeling unlike anything he knew and it was magnificent. And yet the horror of the curse refused to permit him freedom as it forced him to consume the remnants of his expelled sins. Try as he might this was the third time a cure was made to relieve him of his curse. Alone in the Mists away from Monsters and people Jack could memorize the memories keeping his own internal journal of things past and present.

This day Jack sat under the old gnarled tree where it all began looking to the spot where he had died and killed the four outlanders. Uncertain why he came back here the feeling that invaded him didn't leave. Try as he might in redeeming himself and doing what is right Francette Vaillant the day prior the fourth day of the week reminded Jack why he hated people so much. Torn between Yue, Ophelia, and his love ones wishes for him to do the best he could that day among the nobles of D'Espereance, Francette Vaillant, Voltz, and Creighton reminded him how cruel people were and why he despised them so.

Though his outburst accusing others of villainous acts they saw them as heroes but though they accused of knowing him and of cannibalism that torn felling seem deeper now more than before. Three times he attempted to be cured his first was a of a Doctor with a half mask a unappealing female of Dementliuese who offered to assist him to only have her put the to the guillotine for doing unorthodox medicine. In comparison there was domna Vinter a gnome Jack knew who has done some questionable things undermined the law of Barovia yet here in Port she was revered and respected.

Shaking his head Jack compared all these uncertain of the world. If he was to redeem himself by acts of good why do many deny him? Why do they accuse him and not ask the truth of the story? Many people had cheated death by lawful hands. Others fleeing to other lands to begin a new life so why was he denied the same right? True he went under the name Nimir as to not draw suspicion or frighten folk yet if they knew whom he was why did they not strike at him? Why did they not try to help?

"Because they only care for their world. They're cruel because if your not a part of their world you can be removed."

Trembling the swell of fire in his veins was sharp like rods of molten steel Jack felt the flush redness on his face. The rage, the fury, was harder to contain and it scared Jack because he knew he was torn from the man he was to the man he is now. In the past people feared him and respected him even if they didn't because he would not hesitate to harm others in defense. Now because of his loved ones Jack tried not to be that man a better man but the people in this world were as cruel as the ones he left.

"Nothing will change Jackie boy. Even if you were cure you think they forgive you? Even if you were good to them you think they would care for you?" spoke the disembodied voice of his father.

Startled Jack stood up looking about the mist recalling the memory of his father's voice. The anger in the old man was the anger he had now. Eying his hands Jack wept shaking both from anger and fear. Jack knew little of his father but knew he hated him for leaving him and his mother and did not want to be like him.

"Anger's strength my boy. You can't protect nobody by being nice in a cruel world!" spoke again the disembodied voice of his father.

Spiraling to face the direction of the sound Jack screamed in fury to be left alone. Momentarily pausing questioning if the Curse or Mist was messing with him or did Jack simply felt he was losing his mind again. Shaking with anger he couldn't relieve of himself of the rage. Each time he recall the names and faces of those who hurt him whom wronged him Jackcouldn't find a means to forgive them.

Try as he might Jack could not begin to fathom how he would prove Francette and them wrong. Challenging a woman to a duel seemed ridiculous even though he was dishonored. Thinking of it only made him clench his jaw struggling to think of better reasons. Even if he were to press charges through the Gendermie he was a foreign citizen they wouldn't give a damn against a noble. Roaring he pounded his fists in the ground outraged at how futile it was. Jack intended to make Ophelia proud and he promised he would make a good life for himself and it only made him furious as he punched the earth chunks of rock and dirt tossed aside making a hole.

If Jack went to the village provided them with free tools and steel the people would be grateful. Jack could prove to Francette he meant no harm. In truth she would be cruel and warn the villagers of the suspicion of him being a cannibal only ruining the reputation he would have briefly built. Gripping a root from in the hole he strangle it with his bare hands infuriated that not matter what people would still be cruel to him. Even if he was truly cured would they look at him still as a monster.

"It isn't fair. I'm trying to redeem myself. Trying to do good things. Roland Steele's a Knight but in Barovia we all knew he caused the problems with von Khorvich's. Renaud was a vigilante and they look at him like some saint. All I did was do what I needed to survive I ain't even a real Cannibal. I'm cursed eating the hearts of things like Hobgoblins and monsters. I eat other monsters refusing to eat the hearts of people. And yet the Monsters aren't cruel to me like people are. They act cause they has too." Whimpered Jack as he broke the root in half shaking.

Another disembodied voice one sounding of Jean Renaud spoke harshly to Jack from afar."That's because you are a Monster that thinks its human. You'll be nothing more than a Monster. "I swore I would kill you and if I can't others will."

Turning around Jack felt a chill to the bone a fear as the memory of his execution by fire by the Ezrites and all of the outskirts play back in his head. The faces of those who betrayed him and those who only wanted to kill him. "I'm not a monster.... I'm a man. I'm trying to be a good man. I'm not a monster."

Cowering to the ground holding his head Jack knew when he started hearing voices the Curse was getting worst. It wasn't going to leave him it knew Jack wanted Revenge on all those that wronged him knew his greatest strength was the fury with in him. Having not feed for almost a week Jack had struggle to eat real food on the worst cases he ran to find demi-humans or a hag to feast on their heart. Even as he cowered whimpering the memory of the succulent organ was a like a child who wanted a juicy apple.

"No... No!" Wrestling with his thoughts Jack recall the memory of the brief moment of Redemption.

The clarity, clean feeling, free of all worries it was a feeling he could not describe to any one as it was something a soul felt at true peace. Collapsing the man broke into tears as he wrestled between the peace and the fury with in. Lance Marino's words haunted him now considering the only person powerful enough to know of curses and lift his curse was indeed Count Strahd. Indeed the man was the strongest person he knew and yet the one fateful encounter with Strahd cause Jack to shake more in fear.

Long ago he acted above his station to protect the good people of Vallaki and the Garda. This drew attention of the Citadel to inform Count Strahd whom requested Jack Wilson personally. Knowing the stories and having heard it from the lips of many and even Molly the Vampire. Jack knew Strahd's true identity never the less the man was ruler of this land and was powerful enough to do so. Never did he forget the cold calculating eyes of Strahd. The Count's very form was empowering to men at the icy resolve and confidence he showed to Jack. When offered a reward for turning in a villain of the people he was offered anything and Jack only wanted to be accepted as a Barovian.

The Count had looked at Jack with disgust. "You could never truly be Barovian and you never will. So do not ask such ridiculous things beyond your pitiful measure."

Firm and cold Jack knew had he pressed the Count would have done away with him. When that sly smile rose and the Count offered to treat Jack to dinner Jack groveled in apologies to decline his offer that he was unworthy of the Count's generosity and was fine with whatever he offered. Though it disgusted the Count he was indeed amused and tossed a sack of coin at Jack and to leave his Castle at once. Jack never knew true fear of anything till that day and the memory reminded him well enough to risk asking the Count for aid was a death wish.

Rolling onto his back red eye and puffy Jack knew if Strahd knew of his curse he would force him to eat his enemies or reveal the secrets of his power. To be forced to eat people would defeat the purpose of trying to redeem himself. Frustrated Jack held his face screaming in frustration into his hands and the Mist filled air. Returning to Vallaki empty handed and jobless would be a disappointment to Ophelia. There had to be a way or some one who would hire him. Who could help him further. Yue was alone trying to help him and most of those he cared about lacked the ability or knowledge to cure him.

Pausing parting his hands in though he recalled Iridni. She was a Pelorian but some explained to him she was part of something called the Erudites. So was Jean he recalled when he had paid some one in the Drain to find information on the man some time ago. Erudites were the smartest folks but they were in Port. A low growl escaped Jack knowing port folk would not be so humane to help him. The only well known place of knowledge was the red Academy even then Jack wasn't that stupid to let some Red Wizard fiddle with his Curse or insides.

Growing infuriated there was little options left to him and Jack felt he was burdening his friends the more he tried to seek a cure. Sitting up Jack knew his choices were limited if he didn't do something in time the curse would over take him. Even then he vowed he would not harm anyone he loved or innocent that he would seek those who wronged him and anything threatening him and what he loved. Getting stronger ran risks as Jack knew as he got stronger so did the Curse. But, using that strength came with a price of his humanity and the good intentions of those he loved. But, to defeat those who wronged him those that would harm what he loved strength is all he knew.

"I tried being mean. I tried being kind. Can I do both?" Jack puzzled.

Part of him wanted to go back to Port and rip those Nobles apart and part of him wanted to forgive them for being so naive of him. There had to be more he could do to save himself and if the world would make him their monster they had had themselves to blame. Having tried both ways there was only going hand in hand. To redeem himself he needed to do good things and he like to do that more than being some monster. Rising to his feet the Curse Brute lumbered towards the direction of the Vistani Camp clear in what he needed to do now.
"For Evil to win is for good men to do nothing."

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Re: Axfell: Redemption or Corruption
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Snap, Snap, Snap, Snap.

In but a month or so so much has transpired Nimir couldn't help to feel depress and somehow not realize it. The wallowing of pity for himself, the undetermined disappointment of Sheep baying their continuous prattles. He wondered if Vampires saw them as simply cattle to be herded and slaughtered? After a few days ago Nimir had snap nearly gave himself a chest attack or something. The Outlanders broke down his barricades which Nimir used to protect the graveyard, his daughter's favorite work spot, from Werewolves, Undead, Gunderkites, and stupid Outlanders. But, none of them admitted they did it for the fun making an excuse to make sure Ophelia was okay even after Nimir warned folk of the Undead Hands. Disgusted Nimir continue to work this day on the wooden lamp pots the few to light the path of the graveyard for night considering the change of events.

That night he was on a bad precipice of finding himself slipping to madness and depression. Nimir thought he finally lose control and not care anymore taking his own life and the curse with him and with so many. Now it pained him to think of it the man revered and feared once taking his own life. Shaking his head as he lodge the post into the ground through the soil and rock Nimir chuckle to himself at how stupid that was. The very last straw was Kiyosa he had no hate or love for her but if anything Nimir was a man of his word and a man who respected action. Red had help him save Killian a stray outlander in the Mist a week ago. In this action Nimir wasn't sure if he Redeemed himself but he helped the man desperate to find his friends although the fool ran running screaming through the Mist even after his warnings till the mist took them the wrong turn to Perfidus. It all went down hill when the demons came down upon them when Nimir warned Killian to not rest here for the iadul spawns were always hungry. Sure enough the man was killed and Nimir managed to run back through the Mist taking any and all risk back to Mist camp.

At first Nimir thought he leave the sod for getting himself killed. But, Iridni's voice bugged him. "Perhaps through actions of Redemption and Good you may find that feeling when you were almost cured." Considering the Pelorian's words and the words of his closest friends Nimir recalled their love, their warmth, the way they gave him life as he was almost given his. Recalling that it was simple for him to decide. He wasn't doing it for the goody-goody feeling or because it was right. Nimir was doing it for them. Even though later on Killian would insist that Nimir had good Morales which bug him to no end. That's when Alondra and He asked domn Red for aid. Given his history with Red and Kiyosa he doubted he would help but surprisingly Red did. Confused they saved that man Killian and Nimir had to admit he was wrong of Red for taking a risk with a monster like him. The man never did give Nimir any reason to hate him but he was weary of his girlfriend, friend, whatever Kiyosa was and their relationship.

Never the less Nimir swore to Red he would cause him nor Kiyosa anymore trouble. He would not badger her if he was left alone. How short that was a few days later when he had build a little settlement in the Mist all for his friend Tinu. Who through her words and listening to his sad tale of depression and his courageous act in saving Killian convinced him of many truths and many better ideas. Tinu, there were no words for him to express his gratitude to the small elf woman. She could stuck him with arrows till he looked like a spiny demon and yet she did not. Her reason shocked Nimir to his core and made him weep with joy like a dumb boy. She understood Nimir. Understood his pains like few did. Tinu inspired him to not give up to not be whimpering anymore and use what he had for the right purpose. He was who he was. He was a man, a father, friend, and all around decent guy. She told him it was time to be Angry not wicked but Angry at those who cross lines and at those monsters who would hurt those he cared about or do wrong against his hometown Vallaki. She was right and he was going to do something about it. . . . somehow as soon as Nimir figured out how to do that right and better than just punching things.

Though the invigoration of inspiration was great that same day Kiyosa had cross his threshold to speak with him. At first he tried to avoid her wanting no confrontation Nimir was too good of a mood to deal with her nonsense. But, unavoidably the man had her in his face in seconds. Sheep were always insistent in being notice even though the wolf in sheep's clothing insisted not to be treated as such.... or was she a dragon. He probably find out later or sooner. Though Nimir tried to reason with her the best way he could their back and fourth in trying to understand another seemed to only upset her more with moments of genuine interest and calm to out right threats. But, something feral got into her and she had to hit Jack with a headbutt unguarded to assert some kind of female dominance. The man had to laugh to let her have her victory had Nimir retaliated the situation would be worst and he could clearly tear her throat out and pull that heart of hers right into his mouth. Hesitantly the thought did bother him some times it slipped in especially since he had been hungry for a few days and had to make a run for the hag, hobgoblins, or trolls. The effects of these things were equal but the taste and the work was not delightful. Shaking his head as he continued his work in the graveyard for the next lamp post he recalled how triumphant Kiyosa looked and felt with her foot on his chest.

It's that dumbness? No, over reaching? Too much confidence in her that's going to land her in trouble if not get her a short life. It amused him in an almost wicked way most of these folks who wish him ill in the past were dead or gone. Not Galt though Galt better not be dead for Nimir owed him two fold for all he had done and yet if not for his friendshe be dead. But they did not get him murdered yet if Galt didn't do as he done he may not have learned more of his sickness or be so close to his family and friends now. Feelings to sort out later he thought. But, it was a good feeling to watch those that ridiculed, hunt him, killed him die before him. Though he hoped for Red's sake Kiyosa would wizen up before that happened. Nimir didn't mind if she met her untimely demise early on her own mistakes it wasn't his problem nor were they friends. They all learned that way. He learned that way. She learned that way.

Thinking again at his sudden hunger most of his strength was stolen or rather given. Thinking to himself as he worked more in cutting wood Nimir couldn't help ponder had Nock not shown himself he probably let those three people get eaten by the Vampire and the Demon woman. It irritated him so much how easy it would of been. Then Ophelia's smile seeing her friend Nock bugged Nimir and knew if he let Nock get eaten she be sad and he hated when she was sad. That night he intended to fetch wood in the forest in the night and normally people wouldn't expect a Barovian going into the Night. For a lot who shamed Barovians of their superstitions this superstition that Barovians can't rise beyond their limits is insulting. He had to work hard to maintain the Graveyard it was after all one of his few joys other than Forging. If he didn't work constantly the thoughts came in his mind and being angry made his will to ignore the Curse stronger. Although some times the wrong Anger made it worst. Needless to say Nimir thought he was heroic offering his life and bargain to the Vrolok. Very few understood or had insight like he did of Vampires and right away Nimir knew how he could handle the situation and this Vampire. He barely got to walk away with his life and what was his and Ophelia's precious graveyard was safe. That's all that mattered a lost of blood build a few coffins done deal. Or it would have been if that girlie skulking about would have left rather than skulk to watch him and the vampire.

It was most likely her who started the rumor of him consorting with Vroloks. Him a grave keeper and Barovian who sacrificed his life for folks and the only gratitude he got was saving the person that was important, Nock, and yet she repays him but soliciting rumors of him consorting with Vampires. Nimir hammered down the new sign with irritation and anger. The woman didn't even thank him in saving her life and she repays him by mixing him with a Christian who gave his life to save others. I guess only important people deserve to be recognize for heroism and it burned Nimir to blistering anger that he- Eyeing the broken sign he mutter working on another plank muttering to himself in Balok. Nimir hadn't felt this way not since his youthful days in Vallaki. At least then when outlanders got out of line a man could slap some sense to him or wave a pitic around like a stupid puppet on a pike. This generation was to soft na´ve to the horrors this world could truly inflict. That he could- Muttering of his sickness Nimir knew the situation, hunger, and the situation was making him stupid angry and he refused to be like an outlander.

It shouldn't matter to him either way even though the Crow rejected to help him on odd reasons Nimir would speak with the Garda and offer five hundred fang for the Bounty. The man just didn't have the patience anymore of stupid people's reasons to act stupid. Finishing his work Nimir growled muttering of eating soon or his patience would be thinner than bad Tocana. Maybe Nimir would work on something for Ophelia and he did need to find iron for a young man's gauntlets. Working was his peace, its where he thought when he worked to create things, the tranquility of it all working hard was very Barovian. That put a smile to his face thinking of the past and wondered how Rodica and Dragomir would handle these new outlanders. The thought of little Rodica curb stomping some dumb arse made Nimir chuckle and how Triscea forced him to build and Lupei who taught him Balok. Nimir felt old as he quitly and slowly work in thought of it all. The man never prayed but he recall Ophelia's Kelemevor and asked the god of the Dead to give him some peace soon that his friend would find his cure and if not Nimir had to tell her he was ready to depart and leave it to the Mists to decide.
"For Evil to win is for good men to do nothing."