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Author Topic: Falkovnia - The Scythe's Crescent  (Read 184 times)


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Falkovnia - The Scythe's Crescent
« on: January 09, 2021, 07:51:37 PM »
[While rumors and hearsay concerning Falkovnia rarely escape its borders, something alarming slips out. Grain merchants who usually ply their trade along the Prey's Road towards Dementlieu no longer bother passing through the customs checkpoints out towards that country for one simple reason: they have no grain to sell. Barley, oats, and wheat production suffers from a severe shortfall due to widespread crop failure due to the ever-darkening sky. Grain merchants likewise do not bother selling in Richemulot or Borca, either; what stores of grain they have are quickly made subject to requisition by Falkovnian soldiers, leaving those who are outside of the army to starve and become malnourished.

While most countries Falkovnia deals with have wisely acquired for themselves a surplus of grain, Dementlieu included, it is only a matter of time before that surplus runs out. What will happen, months from now, when the grain stores go empty? A question that few presently have the answer to, and the answer is not a pretty one. The clock is ticking, and the ticking is growing louder and louder. Tick tock, tick tock.]

“Near the gates and within two cities there will be scourges the like of which was never seen: famine within plague, people put out by steel, crying to the great immortal God for relief.”

- Nostradamus