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Author Topic: The Words Of Power; A Sorcerer's Journey.  (Read 157 times)


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The Words Of Power; A Sorcerer's Journey.
« on: December 28, 2020, 07:42:16 PM »
For as long as the world has been, magic has been. It is intrinsic to our being, to our lives, and to the function of the planes. As long as there has been magic, there have been those with the power to harness it to their will.

In the beginning, there were no wizards. Sorcerers existed, in a primal form, harnessing the wild magic of the world without regard for nature. Clerics, in a sense, existed, their powers fueled by faith in the primordial elements, before we had the knowing of the gods. And, most importantly, bards existed, their dances and chants fueling the start of society itself, keeping the lore and predicting a vast and wild future, which would eventually come to be.

In this vast and untamed wilderness of magic, before we had the Disciplines of today, raw magic was used, nothing better present. In this time, the Power Words were found. The most skilled of mages can harness the flow of the world itself into their spells, and are drawn to it almost intuitively.

According to the best evidence we have, the first usage was by a great shaman, during a ritualistic “Ghost Dance” that prepared his tribe to fight another. The leader of their tribe, a terrible warlord, appeared to slaughter the dancers before they were prepared, and the shaman uttered a word that was even then unknown to those of the time. His foe fell dead in an instant, and the tribes scattered, fearing the Dances from then on.

"Over the millennia the wild magic of the world has decreased, used up and wasted by wizards and sorcerers and druids and so many others, all long dead. Even so, the Power Words remain, their function inhibited but never gone, always an instinct in the brains of the greatest among us.

It is a strange feeling. The world seems older, and I feel as though I am larger than myself. A flood of memories, memories of things that I have never seen nor heard of before. It seems as though the moment lasts for hours, but in truth the sensation ends the moment I finish the incantation. In more mundane terms, it will kill almost anyone not strong enough to resist the magic, and is stronger in areas of high magical radiation."