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Strongharp's Salvage and Supply
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[On the board of the Third Shop of the Warehouse district of Vallaki, is a list of all stock of the shop, including descriptions of every item.]

Ascorian Double Axe - A double axe useful against vile creatures. Every hit strengthens you.
Athame - A dagger perfect for those of a certain art.
Blade of Misfortune - An enchanted blade with a minor curse upon it.
Blade of the Cattle - Called the assassin's blade for reason, this rapier is deadly against humans.
Bone of the Saint - A heavy mace which is good against undead, and can let you heal wounds.
Bonebane - A Quarterstaff perfect for smashing the undead. Enchanted.
Buccaneer's Cleaver - A Scimitar weighted for cutting rope.
Dabaee Kobara - A punch dagger, or Karar, which strikes with negative energy.
Daughter of Tizona - A longsword with an extra sharp cutting edge.
Degannwy White Stag Blade - A short sword useful against all manner of creature. Best used by elves.
Gae Bulg - A spear with a chill to it. When it strikes true, its devastating.
Hammer of Belenus - A glowing light hammer good against the undead.
Hammer of Vamos - This warhammer saps vigor from your adversaries, and a small part yourself.
Honed Razoraxe - A battleaxe with a very sharp edge. When it hits hard, it hits HARD.
Imp Blade - A noisy enchanged dagger. Don't try to sneak with it.
Mercykiller Blade - A Rapier useful against the vile denizens of the core.
Plat Gilded Steel Warhammer - A finely crafted Warhammer. Great against undead.
Ruby Rod of the Diabolist - A mace of less then unsavory origin.
Saif of the Elements - A Brass Scimitar with the power of the elements.
Second Death - A longbow good against undead, with a strong pull. Usable only by elves.
Shadow Strike - A shortsword that helps conceal you from sight, but weakens the senses.
Stalker's Shortbow - A Shortbow that helps you stalk your prey.
Straffer's Skullcracker - A mace that strikes heavily. No drawbacks either.
Undead Impaler - This spear strikes true against the undead.
Vechorite Gladius - An extra sharp short sword, which protects the mind.
Vos Boyarsky Bear Spear - A good spear against animals. A bit hard to use.
Whistling Axe - A hand axe which deal devastating blows, but is quite noisy.
Winterlass - A glowing longsword of cold. Strikes with deadly force.

Adamantine Chainmail - Extremely resistant and durable armor, but quite heavy.
Chains of Resilience - Sturdy robes with an underlining of chainmail. Protects against blunt force.
Ranger's Leathers - Strong set of leather armor for a ranger of the forest.
Steel Chain Mail - This crafted chainmail has a troll skin lining.

Shield of Dawn - A glowing small shield which protects from undead.

Bard Flairs - This set of clothes enhances your performance and infuses you with confidence.
Isis Robes - A lovely set of robes. Perfect for certain arts.
Prefect's Vestments - Robes which allow clerics to turn the undead more frequently.
Robes of Acid Resistance - Robes that protect against acid.
Robes of the Guardian - These robes make you feel more focused and have a greater clarity of mind.
Robes of the White Island - Robes that let you change into different creatures.

Acrobat Boots - A pair of boots that makes you quick on your feet.
Boots of Sturdiness - These boots help you withstand attacks better.
Boots of the Mouse - A pair of boots perfect for moving silently around.
Boots of the Soul Sun - A pair of boots that help you avoid enemy attacks.
Cloak of Stone - A cloak that stiffens you, but makes it easier to hide.
Cloak of the Savage - This cloak is great at deflecting blows, but the stench from it makes it hard to concentrate.
Ghost Hood - A black hood that allows you to see that which is unseen.
Hat of Anonymity - A Rather bland an uniteresting hat. Helps one blend into a crowd.
Helm of Griffon's Mane - A helm which protects effectively, but only for dwarves.
Mantle of the Biting Wind - Simple cloak to protect you from the wind and chill.
Waraji of the Lost Hero - A pair of sandals that make one sturdier.

Belt of Stability - A belt that gives a feeling of comfort and control, but may cause you to be reckless.
Belt of the Locksmith - A belt slotted with assorted lockpicks and probes.
Bracers of the Caliban Ranger - Good bracers for a ranger of the forest.
Brawler's Belt - A belt to protect you in hand to hand combat.
Cestus - An ancient battle glove, fitted with spikes.
Gauntlets of the Fallen Paladin - Helps those of resolute faith and strength.
Gloves of Concentration - Gloves that do as the name suggests. Helps you concentrate.
Gloves of Discipline - Helps one be more sturdy and focused.
Greater Gloves of Concentration - Like the original, but better.
Greater Gloves of Spellcraft - Used for helping you identify spells.
Hands of Dusk - Protects you from Divine magic, if you need that sort of thing.
Healing Belt - The wearer of the belt gains the ability to cast healing spells. Limited use.
Merchant Gloves - Gloves enchanted to make it easier to tell an item's worth
Sphairai - An ancient battle glove, fitted with cutting blades.
Thieves Utility Belt - A belt with pouches for the thieving trade.

Amulet of Aquatic Salvation - Helps prevent accidental drowning if activated.
Amulet of Blessed Refuge - A Blessed amulet of Ezra. It glows!
Amulet of Hypervigilance - This amulet heightens the wearer's senses. May be mildly cursed.
Amulet of Mask - An amulet which helps hide you in shadows.
Amulet of Osiris - A glowing amulet that helps inter the restless undead.
Amulet of Thoth - Ask for this items description.
Amulet of Will - An amulet to help protect the mind and secrets.
Cameo of Glamour - This amulet possesses the ability to charm and deceive.
Greater Amulet of Geb - You feel like a mountain wearing this, though lose some mobility.
Istvan the Sage's Guide - A Guide to surviving out in the woods. Very useful.
Keeper's Guide - The ring allows you to detect traps and secret passages easily.
Lodestar - A ring the glows, which helps you spot secrets. Only usable by those who follow their heart.
Magnifyer - A small magnifying glass hung around the neck. Good for searching details.
Medusa's Bane - Protects against petrification.
Mystical Ouroboros - Those who practice certain arts will appreciate this ring.
Pharazian Nomad's Ring - Protects against the heat of the desert.
Rabbit's Foot - A trinket which brings good fortune when worn.
Ring of Agony - A ring to show devotion and stength, and to help enhance your tolerance. Not good for thieves.
Ring of Insight - A ring to help identify items. Very useful.
Ring of Lies - This ring enhances one's ability to lie.
Ring of Protection +1 - A ring that protects the wearer.
Ring of Scholars - A glowing ring that helps identify items.
Ring of the Mouth - The ring helps you to be more fierce, at the cost of a small bit of will.
Sithican Yew Violin - I have both Male and female violins. Good Violins.
Sparkling Band - Entrancing ring which helps a minstrel perform.
The Wonders of Trapmaking, Vol III - The third volume of the series. Helps you disable and set traps.
Ticking Gnome's Stop-Pocketclock - Said that if you stop it, it stops time.

Abber Dream-Catcher - A Dream catcher with five magical beads. Helps clear the mind, and block bad dreams.
Dragon Eye - It grants courage.
Dust of Disappearance - Makes you invisible.
Enchanted Whetstone - This'll give any blade a sharp edge.
Keoghtom's Ointment - A jar of unguent which detoxifies poison, removes disease, and heal wounds.
Lesser Orb of the Mist - This magical trinket can revive the dead.
Quintessence - Fluid imbued with positive energy. Great for healing.
Rod of the Ghost - This thin rod makes you etheral, thus harder to hit.
Witchfire Torch - This ghostly torch helps you find secrets.