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Mist Camp - A Kossuthan message
« on: December 23, 2020, 04:36:34 AM »
//quote of Dread's shout for relevant info//
Mount Nyid erupts! Thick plumes of pyroclasts spew from the bowels of this titanic volcano, its summit now replaced with a fuming caldera. Layers of ash and all manner of tephra bury the distant, sleepy town of Rookhausen that rests on Darkon's eastern coast. The Dnar River, which snakes down from Darkon's eastern flank into much of Nova Vaasa, becomes befouled by the eruption, as the reservoir rested beneath the volcano. A noticeable haze now settles over the sky throughout the Core, with sunsets now carrying rich, scarlet hues. It becomes a noticeably colder and damper winter, with snowfall taking an bizarre yellow tint. The sun's light becomes noticeably dimmer; it manages to pierce the thick fog that seems to flood the day, yet only just. In countries big and small, mighty and fragile, people worry, showing fear and uncertainty for what lies ahead. Meanwhile, to the north in Nevuchar Springs, the zealots of the Fourth Revelation stand at the ready, preparing for the worst...

A note written in common appears in the mist camp in the midst of strange times.

Firelord's warmth, my fellow wanderers

In these Cold, Panicked times, it is easy to allow oneself to be washed along with the dark tides of Fear. I pray that you will find it in yourself to not be one of them.

Volcanoes erupt all the time. From my understanding the damage hasn't been widespread. However even though it may not appear a blessing for now, the volcanic lava will enrich the surrounding lands with the ingredients of fertile life and give these corrupt lands a fighting chance for renewal.

The ash spreads, carried by the wind. It will eventually be carried further away and come down as rain. Please encourage those close to you to boil their drinking water, as without the purifying flame to tame it, water as the harlot element will carry every toxin and disease, even those in this ash. Do not eat the yellow snow.

It appears we are headed for an especially cold winter. To do battle with the cold and dark, and the fear that surrounds them, one does not always have to lift a sword.

To this end, if you find it in your means to do so, please join me in providing those without coin or priviledges the gift of warm clothes. Even if you are poor yourself, you can cut firewood and bring it to those who need it most. By following our passion of taking care of others, we preserve our inner flame.

The gift of Fire and Warmth is freely given. And to join such blessed tasks are looked upon with favor of the Firelord. Regardless of whether you find room for the Firelord in your heart. Know that apathy and the loss of purpose is the enemy. And many endings are simply new beginnings.

I shall pray for His Warmth for each and every one of you.

Edwin Harland
Fury of the Faith among His Burning Braziers
of Church of Kossuth, the Firelord
"A man in a robe, claiming communion with the divine? Madness." - Narrator, Darkest Dungeon