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Daphne little round square of things!!!
« on: December 19, 2020, 03:27:38 PM »
[//notes are left at mist camp tree and in front of Lady's resting place]

[all the note is covered in little drawn flowers of different shapes and colors]

this is a short list of thing things i've!!! i'm Daphne, and usually i'm easy to spot all around the core running!
i've black hair! sometimes a weird mask... and usually a short little dark dress!!!

swordsman belt 105k
brawler belt 30k
bardic instrumental strap (a belt with hearts stars and jewelry! perfect for singer and dancers) 50k
old lore bard sash (has trinkets for mostly everything! even for make a nice coffee in the wilderness) 12k
slipperís of the overeager scoundrel (one of the greatest pair of sneaky shoes) 25k
enkiduís armor 50k

Desert Wind (a fancy really hot scimitar) 20k
Sword of Quickeness (make you react faster!) 8k
Astral Blade (a vibrating longsword!) 20k
Vjaya (a electric surrounded longsword) 20k
Hektorís cutter (hektor favourite sword) 10k
Platinum Gilded adamantine longsword (fine crafted blade) 120k
Black Shield (a shield made with coldiron, the terror of the devilsdemons) 8k
bar-ethel (a sword that pierce through undead like they were made of butter) 20k
laevatein (a fire surrounded longsword) 20k
divine fury (a holy katana that could block your enemy for a bit) 20k
Pixi Spear (a little knife that could put even a bear to sleep) 12k
Maestroís violin bow (the best violin bow of the land) 6k
Full plate of the champion (a great plate) 15k
Gloves of the Rogue (the good ones) 25k
Ring of the Home Faith (one of the holy ring of the ezra church) 60k
midnighterís cape 55k

and more stuff!!! :

ring of hiding
ghost hood
odium mortis
sword of quickness
bennetís blackjack
shadoweed armor
superior forfarian battleaxe
old order robes
the servant
rhino hide
horn of goodness/evil
healing belt
divine fury

[//the scroll section is only present in mist camp note]

greater planar binding
wall of greater dispelling

answer under the note or send a letter to the warehouse 1 in vallaki!!!

Signed: Daphne [the sign is made with maniacal precision and care while the rest of the note seems written fast and without much care]

[// Discord Gabriele/Torag#7243 ]
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Re: Daphne little round square of things!!!
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the note has some new pieces randomly attached to it, and some items are crosed out