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Jean de' Gaulle
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Jean de’ Gaulle is the son of Bruno De’ Gaulle, they were a rich family that have lived for generations in the city. It said that his great great great grandfather was the first Gaulle that made it big. He served in the Army and earned the rank of Commander. The family have always been heavily involved in the military ever scenes, it's said that every second child enters the army in the family and so have it ever since. Jean is the second son and has prepared since a young age to do just that enter service of the Gendarmerie Nationale de la République de Dementlieu. ever since he was a young boy and cud see his uncle march in the parades he was totally infatuated with Guard. He couldn't not think of anything else and he counted the years until he could apply and become a member.

The years past and Jean's older brother Jacke’ enter politics with his father, what they were doing rely never interested Jean that much, he was happy with the road that lies in front of him. But over the years as Jean aged he started to understand bits and pieces of what his father and brother was doing. To his own disbelief and great sadness he understood that they were in valde with a revolution of some sort. His father and brother grow even more militant over the years and Jean keeps quiet. He can not talk back to his father or his older brother, but they went against everything Jean believed in, everything he was going to protect, the republic, the people, the council.Jean grow introvert and quiet over the years and seems as the air no longer where fresh, the roses did not smell.
He focused all day and night in the training hall perfecting his body and mind. The only one that saw the boy slowly turning into an angry young man was his uncle. He spent time with Jean no matter what happened his father and brother kept their secret meeting and dealing in the shadows. Jean spent long evenings and nights looking at the painting of his mother that he never met. She died when Jean was a baby. Rely what happened no one ever explained, just that she passed and that was the end of it. Her name was Juli  Maria De Gaulle and as Jean understood it she came from a very rich and influential family. When Jean has asked about his mother maiden name his father has just muttered that she was high noble but that was then and now is now. As Jean grew older he understood that his father had married way over his station, and that the marriage hand made a small roar in the community. That his grandfather and grandmother that he never met had been so angry at their daughter that they did not attend the wedding, but this is only a conclusion Jean made over the years by listening in to his fathers conversation and reading old documents in his father studie.

The year passed and Jean grew further away from his brother and father and spent more time with his Uncle in the villa outside the city.  Over time they stopped speaking why Jean never really understood but he did not want a part in whatever his father and brother was involved in.

The year 770 the black year as Jean calls it two major things happened this year, his brother Jacke was sentenced to die for his involvement in the revolution. The details Jean did not care to learn. His uncle was the one that told Jean, that his brother had been arrested and later sentenced to die. Jean cud see that this took years of his Uncle's life, that spark he always had, was gone. Jean did not see his brother executen. But he went to the funeral that took place on the family's small land holding  outside the City where his Uncle lived. He can remember the day, or evening as his brother's casket was lowered into the ground, the rain falling and no one really said much. It was a disgrace but sadness at the same time. When the others left the grave side Jean sat there long into the night. When a man came walking holding a toy in his hand, Jean recognised the toy emidejetly. It was his brother's toy, and the man holding it was his father. His father kneeled down over the fresh grave he was crying. Jean was thrown off by this and just sat there and stared at this now much older thorne and brusted old man, that he knew was his father but did not resemble the strong and powerful man Jean had known years back.
To this day Jean never told anyone about that night, he hasn't seen his father sense that night.

The second thing that happened was that his uncle retired and has grown bitter and angry at the world. This anger and bitterness have turned this one's loving Uncle into an angry old man in the last year of his life, but that's what the servant keeps saying every time Jean goes to visit his uncle this is the last year, but the old man keeps supreing every one and staying alive.
Today the house is old and not well kept. This small land the family owned is nothing more than an overgrown patch of forest. His uncle never fathers any children so Jean knows that he alone needs to carry the family name on and this is something his uncle reminds him of every time he meets him.

I leave to come back, is the word Jean told his uncle the same day he traveled away from his home land, his uncle staring out the window responding with a snort not even turning around. Jean needed to leave to clear his head to be something else than a son, a soldier and brother a disgrace.

His travels have taken Jean to many places into plenty of beds and he has indulged himself in every sin a man can find, tasted every temptation he could muster, and he have been in more fights than can remember with rich and poor tal and short. He bares the scars of them over his face, what really happens Jean dont know he was too drunk to remember but he woke up in the gutter in Bravoria with the marks.

I came back to be what I was born to be, proud, strong and a true defender of the  republic. For the first time sense 770 Jean set foot in the city he once called home. He has been past his uncle, he hasn't spoken a word sense Jean left the servant told him.
He sits in the same chair every day staring out the now staind and old window, into an overgrown garden of decay. Only one servant left in the house that looks after he needs the rest has left or died. Is it now the story ends and a new one begins….