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Piper's Songbook
« on: December 15, 2020, 05:35:10 PM »
[Deep in the bowels of Piper Banbito's many bags is a songbook, its pages filled with scribbling of songs. Pages are covered in lyrics, some finished, some not. Besides many of the songs are notes written in the margins]

"Snarin, you get your own song. You really deserve it."

The night is coming fast and low,
Across the fields foul mist ablow
Yes! The night is coming, lo!
I think we all may die!

But look upon thy yonder hill,
In fair armor golden gild,
Yes upon that yonder hill,
The Dragon Slayers nigh!

Stronger then a demons blow,
Faster then a fleet
Snarin fights them toe to toe,
and smashes evils feet! "See, its funny, cause he's a dwarf, so he's short."

A thirty seven demon hoard,
Makes the dragonslayer bored,
Yes a mighty demon heard
He'll smash them underneath.
And the dragon bites so hard,
But the slayer keeps his guard.
Yes the dragon bites so hard,
And breaks his vile teeth.

So raise your goblets way up high,
There's no one who is braver,
We'll toast victories to the sky
For Snarin the dragonslayer.

"This next part I added just for Snarin after he got together with Sophie."

Snarin is so brave and bold,
He's just as stories have fortold,
Yes he is so brave and bold.
and would not have a match.

But you'd be wrong, dear friend you see,
Young Sophie'd come and bond with he,
So Snarin's got a love, you see,
And they are quite attached!

So raise your goblets way up high,
There's no one who is braver.
We'll toast victories to the sky,
For Sophie the Snarin tamer!

I found lamb in La Croissant Bleu for Snarins wedding. Must order a lot.

Snarin confessed he had a crush on Thiala, who turned out to only like women?

How can I say, the words in my heart,
If you will not listen, it tears me apart.

How could I stay, true to my word,
My eyes do glisten to be so unheard.

You left me first, remember that well,
My heart had been rended, and then so I fell.
Now my soul bursts, from guilt I hold back
Just wanted it ended, and it all fade to black.
I'm sorry Arendyl.

Got to write a poem for Torbjorn? Stupid bets.
You don't get to judge me. You don't know my life.
You don't know my heartache, you don't know my strife.

So don't you dare judge me, For what you have not seen.
The full path I've taken, or where I have been.

But if you do judge me, make sure you've not sinned
That you've made no errors, to cast in the wind.
You know who you are.

Hush now, don't you cry,
Momma's ganna be here for you.
Hush now, don't you cry,
Daddy's ganna be right here too.

And if the stars fall from the sky,
And if the mountains crumble by,
and if the sun should try to hide,
Just now we'll be right by your side.

Sleep now, babe of mine,
Momma's ganna hold onto you.
Sleep now, babe of mine,
Daddy's here to keep you safe too.

And if a storm should brew ahead.
No need to cower in your bed,
For mommy and your daddy's nere
We're all together, have no fear.

Hush now, don't you cry,
Sleep now, babe of mine,
Hush now, don't you cry,
We'll be right by your side.
I can't wait to sing this to the baby.
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Re: Piper's Songbook
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"Dragon song. Those Disciples of the dragons are getting numerous."
Take a look around,
Its easy to be found,
A change that will astound,
It is sure to confound.

Pointed horns,
Swishing tales,
Says they're born,
with hidden scales.

Is it a contagion,
or a quick mutation,
A dragon invasion,
A blessing of creation?

Folding wings,
Taloned claws
all those things
Hiding what was.

So be sure
Before your lured
For there's no cure,
for dragon fervor!

"Hey Mister Marry"
Woke up this morning with you by my side,
and I realized, a smile I can't hide,
I've got a sparkle and glint in my eye,
And you are the reason why.

Hey Mr. Marry,
Won't you please take me along,
I'll sing you a sweet song!
Hey Mr. Marry,
Won't you please take me along for a the ride of life! "Had to change it, someone said it sounded a bit dirty the way it was."

One day I hope that we find us a house,
Far off in the lands, where I'll call you spouse,
We'll have a couple of children or two,
My days full of love for you.

Hey Mr. Marry,
Won't you please take me along,
I'll sing you a sweet song!
Hey Mr. Marry,
Please take me along for the ride of life!

So come on Marry and take me along,
To be by your side, is where I belong.
It's only once in a blue moon you'll see,
A bond that will always be!

Hey Mr. Marry,
Won't you please take me along,
I'll sing you a sweet song!
Hey Mr. Marry,
Please take me along for the ride of life!

Spoiler: show
[[Based off "Hey Mister Spaceman" by the Byrds]]

By the riverside
We sit and drink our wine
As nature swirls around
We chat to pass the time.

In Degannwy, Where the willow dawns play.
In Degannwy, Full of spirits and fey.
In Degannwy, Home of

"I was listening to a dwarven bard and heard part of some song. This is what I wrote down."

And its go boys go, they'll time your every breath,
and every day your in this place your two days nearer death,
but its go-oo.

"Tilly's song"
Yesterday, you did not seem so far away,
now I only wish that you could stay,
But those are hopes for yesterday.

The loving words I would have said,
Are blissful dreams but in my head.
And though I know that you are gone
My memory of you will live on.

Today, I have to live with the pain,
and as tears fall like rain,
There is but one truth that remains.

I can't live without you, but I have to try.
Even if all I want to do is cry,
Even if it feels like the world should end.
Knowing nothing I do will bring you back again.

Tomorrow would have been so fair,
If only you could have been there,
But happy endings are just a prayer.

So I sing for my love,
My darling angel dove,
So that perhaps when I am through,
I'll get to sing it straight to you.
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Re: Piper's Songbook
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"I skipped a page? So I'm filling it in with a song for Bigs."
We passed upon the hall,
A hand I did extend
We spoke of what he saw,
He said I was his friend,
Which came as some surprise,
I looked into his eyes and said
"I thought you'd died, a long long time ago."

Oh no, not me, I never could have died.
I''d miss, your face.
If my life had been denied.

I laughed and took his hand,
and lead the man back home,
We went across the lands
Together we did roam.
I gazed a loving stare, into his eyes so fair
and asked if he had cried, a long long time ago.
Who knows, not me. I never went and cried,
since I saw you,
and I've had you by my side.

"Sweet Tilly. I thought one song would be enough, but I was wrong."
When I close my eyes,
and my dreams come by,
I can see your sweet smile,
and my heart leaps for joy, for a little while.

Silken gown and silken bows,
and ribbons all in your hair,
Thinking of you is too much to bear.

My sweet Tilly, darling lily,
Your so pretty and fair,
with your emerald green eyes,
and your soft auburn hair.

My sweet Tilly, precious lily,
I bet your voice would ring,
How it hurts to never hear you sing.

And so I'll go
On with my life.
Clinging dear to the past
And fighting on beyond my strife.

Because I know,
Far up above,
You wait there, my Tilly, my love.