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...A bickering between beasts ...
« on: December 02, 2020, 08:19:21 AM »
During the morning hours of the village of Vallaki, peace was challenged just outside its walls, in the Western Outskirts.
Few outlanders, and locals carrying their mundane duties at the Ladys Rest witnessed a rather worrysome altercation between a fully armored bastion of a man and a duo, a woman and a man respectively.
Shortly after the altercation begun, the duo became a trio, as another towering and ominous individual joined the frey against the lone challenger. The bickering occurred in Vaasi, and most were oblivious to the meaning of spoken words.
The outnumbered man was donning a dark green cloak with a Black Gauntlet portraied upon, a nefarious omen of the known Banite group known as Black Gauntlet.
The duo were privy of known affiliations, but the third individual sported a heavy armor with red and seemed as spiky as the brave challenger.

The heated argument saw the Banite turn his back to the crowd and leave, with promises of return, while the trio stood unfazed.