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[The sign has been taken down]
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[The Sign has been taken down]

Spoiler: show

[Outside of the Third Shop in the Warehouse District of Vallaki is a Very plain sign, with small neat painted lettering.]

La Compagnie du Phénix Mercantile List of Goods for sale. Please leave a message at the board if interested in merchandise.

Bard Flairs
Chains of Resilience
Druid's Ceremonial Robes
Isis Robes
Prefect Vestments
Robes of Acid Resistance
Robes of Stasis
Robes of the Guardian (3)
Robes of the White island (3)
Scoundrel's Gambeson
Suit of Skulking
The Ebon Night
Vampire Hide

Alive Aqhu
Angel Arm
Blade of the Cattle (3)
Buccaneer's Cleaver
Dabaee Kobara
Daughter of Tizona
Degannwy White Stag Blade
Gae Bulg
Glem Aldri
Hammer of Belenus (2)
Hammer of Vamos
Hazlani Fire Staff
Hone Razoraxe
Imp Blade
Mercykiller Blade
Patrolman's Halberd
Ruby Rod of the Diabolist
Second Death
Shamshir -e Zomorrodneger
Sickle of Summer
Sithican Yew Violin Female
Sithican Yew Violin Male
Staff of Imhotep
Staff of Thunder and Lightning
Straffer's Skullcracker (2)
The Amthane
The Cinder
Vechorite Gladius (2)
Vos Boyarsky Bear Spear
Whistling Axe

Amuelt of Will (3)
Amulet of Aquatic Salvation
Amulet of Blessed Refuge
Amulet of Geb (2)
Amulet of Hypervigilance (2)
Amulet of Isis
Amulet of Mask (5)
Amulet of Thoth
Band of Isis
Belt of the Light
Belt of the Locksmith
Boots of the Mouse (2)
Boots of the Shifting Sands
Bracers of the Mermen (3)
Cameo of Glamour
Gauntlets of Lassitude
Gloves of Concentration
Gloves of Discipline (2)
Gnomish Commando Goggles
Greater Amulet of Geb
Greater Gloves of Concentration (2)
Greater Gloves of Spellcraft (3)
Hands of Dusk
Hat of Anonymity
Headband of the Binder
Helm of Griffon's Mane (3)
Istvan the Sage's Guide
Keeper's Guide
Mantle of the Biting Wind
Medusa's Bane
Neckalce of Knuckles
Necklace of Ears
Noble's Ring
Pharazian Nomad's Ring (2)
Rabit's Foot (3)
Ring of Agony
Ring of Hiding (2)
Ring of Insight
Ring of Scholars
Ring of the Mouth
Serpent Ring (2)
Shadover Ring (2)
Sparkling Band
The Magnifier
Ticking Gnome Stop Pocketwatch
Ward Cestus
Wizard's Traveling Spellbook
Wonders of Trapmaking Vol III

Magical Items
Abber Dream Catcher (5+)
Bands of the Morninglord
Dust of Disappearance (5)
Enchanted Whetstone (4)
Ether Rag
Horn of Goodness/Evil (2)
Kami Doll Charm
Keoghtom's Ointment (5+)
Lesser Orb of the Mist (3)
Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals
The Dragon's Eye (5+)
Witchfire Torch (5+)

Crafted Items
Arrows, Steel
Arrows, Strong Acid
Arrows, Strong Magical
Arrows, Strong Negative
Bolts, Steel
Bolts, Strong Magical
Bullets, Steel
Bullets, Strong Electrical
Varnish, Greater Fire
Varnish, Greater Icy
Varnish, Lesser Negative
Varnish, Strong Acid
Varnish, Strong Electrical
Varnish, Strong Fire
Varnish, Strong Magical
Varnish, Strong Negative
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