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The story of the Jarhead clan!
« on: December 10, 2020, 10:51:27 AM »
The story of the Jarhead clan. :mrgreen:

For any stranger walking past the cave, the sound emitting was easily taken for some sort of growling.
Most people would walk away, but not us! we are immune to this fear and will soon find out what its is! ;)

On approach we remove some dangling roots and shoo away some scarabs scribbling about! we take a deep breath as we enter the half rotten door and the smelly warmth tree roots hangs thick in the air.

We soon spot a female human in labour and leaning over her, we see a strangely dressed male figure, on approach we soon see his back is not looking normal
odd spikes pokes through his cloak neither is his voice he speaks with a deep growling voice
 My dear, they will soon be here, and I'm not sure my magic can hold them off anymore, my illusion's are failing.

 we spin around and see a horrible twisted face with blood oozing from several warts and by magic swirling into a human face but soon fades back into the twisted and blood oozing face

The female looks with intense deep love in her eye.
My love, I know your soul and when you freed me from your old master by renouncing him and escaped with me, I knew then, and I know now, not even death will keep us apart, and soon we will become more
she screamed and looked at him happysoon my love. soon...
 we get startled in our spectator mode as we are deep into the birth of what seems to be two male babies, one as beautiful as his mother *well almost* and the other terrible twisted face as his father

 BOOOOM BOOOM BOOOM the door breaks down and before our eyes :shock: an immense battle of colours and lights arise! in a blink of an eye the battle moves outside and away from the place and we rush after

What happens next is hard to describe but when it is all over, we see the male from the hut laying down and a hooded figure gripping his hand dripping with blood , and by the looks of it, a finger is missing! :!:

We can almost see the holy symbol he is clutching but alas, the figure evades our looks as he mumbles a spell and fades away. :shock:

we return too the hut and see the woman crying her heart out whilst screaming as she names her sons..

Zzark and Cleft you shall be the dreams of ours...

*we get sucked out and the narrator speak:lol:

// ooc

Posted some start info in my bio.. not sure this is the rite place but here goes.. new player *5 days under the belt* love rp *prefers rp*
played NwN way back... enjoyed it a lot 8).. liking the place here.. finding my ways..


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Re: The story of the Jarhead clan!
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2020, 11:49:24 AM »
Cleft was in a foul mood :x

It had been a long day and no results, there had been no smells or sighting of his brother, the only thing he had found, was the drow was here too, he clenched a fist, this damn fog or mist must have an exit!

He muttered along as he walked towards his favourite camp spot, a place hidden behind some big old rocks and some thick low bearing pine tree's, quickly he prepared a patch to sit on and took out some food ration a few days old overcooked sausages, rattled his half full bottle of stale fishwater and felt happy :), at least he did not have to eat those fire bellies again, they seem to have a nasty effect on his guts. :mrgreen:

Cleft smiled to himself and started to munch up whilst his mind wandered off.

It had been a while since that day his mother had talked about so much, on the eve of fathers death, a young drow had come into the hut and claimed ownership of them all to please his aunt, his mother said the journey to Menzoberranzan had been no joke and she had been made a slave for a lower house and as soon as the boys could stand they were enslaved too.
He remembered all the insult from the drows and alike which came not behind his back but to his face and his brothers face, but they never said a word back.

Cleft stretched out and flexed to himself, I should have strangled them, all the upper muscles on his arms was bulging hard and a button flew off :lol:, mid his frustration Cleft got startled by deer walking nearby :shock: and quickly gulped his remaining sausage down and saved one third of his water, looked around and decided sleep was a good idea, he tugged him self in safely and was thinking of all the things that had happened since his brother had disappeared into this strange mist, and now him as well, he was certain some kind of plane shift had happened, mum had whispered about such things, but he had never ever expected himself or his brother to experience this,  and with uneasy thought's Cleft fell into a deep sleep. :sleeping:

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