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Cain's Curios ready for business
« on: December 02, 2020, 02:46:47 AM »
(An odd paper shows up at the mist camp written in some reddish green ink, small bits of cobweb dangling for the edges, and small greenish black carapace fragments attached to it.

Greetings friends
As of recently out sheer absolute of boredom I have decided to open up a small shop to sell items I have collected on my adventures I consider too interesting to be sold off to merchant for a mediocre amount of money only to collect dust. These items are not too important to me so I am willing to part with them for a less than other trader's prices and can be lowered even further within reason of course. If you are interested please either speak to me in person whenever you get the chance or write a note to me at the Mist camp (// please contact me Scrublord either on discord or an ic private letter on the forums) New items might also be added in or taken out occasionally so do be aware time to buy something might be limited, but if you're low on funds currently I can save it for you or we could arrange some other price on the spot.

Farewell from your friend
Cain (//scrublord)

Current stock (if you think its too expensive prices can be altered within reason)

Ring of Resilience 3,000 fang- Are you constantly dying of blood loss due to friends not getting there in time or having no friends? Well this might be the perfect ring for you! The Ring of Resilience gives you a higher chance of you wounds to stop bleeding after being knocked out which allows you a chance to flee and fight another day. Its not the most useful item in combat but it will help in a pinch.

Belt of Moral Fortitude 1,000 fang- Are you a warrior of justice annoyed at the all evil magic and other nasty things thrown at you? Well this belt might capture your interest!. This gilded belt can only be worn by the good of heart and gives you some minor resistance to evil magics such as Instant death, Puking your guts out due to disease, Going insane and slaughtering your allies, and (the really annoying from personal experience) negative energy the undead are so fond of using. While the strength of the individual resistances may be a bit low its versatility will be sure come in handy on your endeavors or reaffirming your moral fortitude.

Pendant of Souk 4,000 fang- Tired of those sleazy merchants constantly ripping you off? Well this is the perfect thing for you. This golden necklace allows you to better understand the prices of items sold or bought by merchants like a unadorned ring, but more then twice as powerful. While not really helpful in combat in the long run it could potentially save you thousands.

Ring of animal Friendship 1,111 fang- Anyone here a fan of animals or an aspiring druid? Then this is the ring for you. This magically preserved ring made from nature itself not only gives you a latent boost of your sway on animals you can also sacrifice some of its durability to use a charm person or animal spell. While not the best item it can be quite useful for a novice druid or for a fun trinket to have so I made it extra cheap.

(Special offers)
Sword Saint legacy (not for money but can be traded for something else)- The Sword Saint legacy is a masterfully made katana with the ability to make a ear piercing screech against evil foes which could be a useful for paladins or other warriors of good. It also has a slight magical attribute making it slightly sharper and easier to wound your foe with to the point it can easily bypass werebeasts defense to non silver weapons without use of a varnish (//enhancement bonus +1) . While it is very powerful weapon, for a hunter like me where you fight lots of dangerous non evil animals its not the best weapon for my interests. Due to it being my current main weapon though I am not very willing to part with it until I find a more suitable replacement. This is going to sound weird but I am willing to give it away in exchange for a weapon I see as equal value. A weapon I see as equal value must have the following conditions.

1. Must have the same magical sharpness as the katana (//enhancement bonus +1)
2.  Must be a one handed weapon I can use with a shield
3.  Must have some magical damage added to it like fire, ice, electricity, etc......
4. Must be good against most creatures not a specific group or alignment

If you have questions if a weapon is suitable for the trade or not please just let me examine it then I will decide.

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Re: Cain's Curios ready for business
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(Some prices were changed and some details were altered)