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[Notices Above and Below]
« on: November 30, 2020, 11:45:57 AM »
[A series of notes appear around Vallaki.  The first is in the Drain, next to the sign that reads "No Garda Allowed"]

To the Red Vardo who sought to lay us low, know this:

The Pale Serpent Lives.

The Beggar Queen Lives.

The Union has not fallen.

You sold your honor and soiled your name to hunt bounties on behalf of the Vallaki Garda and you are only poorer for it.

Let it be known: You each have a choice, for I do not hold you all accountable for the poor choice of the few.  Kill Sylvyana Tar'ier and I will personally ensure that this conflict is ended on all sides.  If you cannot, then cast her out and stay out of my way while I claim her life a second time.

To those in the Drain who remain undecided, know that the Red Vardo have proven that they hold no regard for your deals, oaths, or agreements.  The moment the Garda tug the leash, they happily answer.  For the Lieutenant said herself, "Honor from the Burgomaster is Invaluable."

[The second notice are placed outside the Wayfarer Kinship lodge, next to the door.]

The Red Vardo Lieutenant Sylvyana Tar'ier spent last night here in Vallaki, in the company of the Hazlani Red Wizard Nasir Razthelyk.

Ask yourselves why.

She then met with the vampire Mirabel von Khorvich, who escorted her to the Gaping Wound with marred corpses in tow.

Ask yourselves why.

She was slain while on her way to deliver a 400,000 fang donation to Lance Corporal Popovici.

Ask yourselves why.

I will not demand that you join me in my delivery of the justice that awaits these oath-breakers.  I only ask that you stay out of the way. 

For I am The Pale Serpent and all within my wake is Death.

//Placed ingame