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Author Topic: Fighting in Vallaki!  (Read 250 times)

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Fighting in Vallaki!
« on: November 30, 2020, 07:26:36 AM »
Deep under cover of night, fighting breaks out near the exterior of the west gate of the Citadel courtyard.  A man in dark, hooded robes clashes against a darkly garbed fey woman and some manner of powerful wizard surrounded by a wall of acid.  To add to the confusion, a swarm of wererats join the fray as the combat begins.  There is shouting from inside the Citadel as Garda horns are blown and the men muster to see what is taking place.  At one point, the robed male combatant appeared to be grappling with a swarm of black tentacles atop the Citadel walls.  At his feet, a dead Vallaki Garda.

The fighting flares up and extinguishes intermittently throughout the entire night.  First spilling from the Citadel to the streets of Vallaki's Residential, Slums, then Market districts -- then back to the Citadel's gates.  A number of adventurers respond to the Garda's horns and more fighting erupts in the streets of the market district.  At the epicenter of each engagement, the same unarmed man wearing dark hooded robes.

It all draws to a close just beyond dawn, when the robed man and fey woman face off in the street.  She, firing a crossbow at him.  The man moving down the road at inhuman speed to strike her down with a single punch.   A wizard surrounded by a wall of acid grabbed her corpse, and the killer grabbed a skull that the fey woman had dropped.  There was a brief flash of spells as the wizard attempted to stop the robed man, who flitted out of sight like a ghost as he fled the scene of the very public brawl.