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Mistakes were made - Elizabeth Drake
« on: November 24, 2020, 05:13:19 PM »
It’s time we told a tale as old as wine, of mistakes and merriment.

Wild crimson locks cut short, alabaster skin marred by itching nails, and plump lips turned bluish grey, our protagonist is a creature of decline. What was thin is now gaunt, what was youthful energy has become a fretful twitch. Elizabeth Drake is too fine a name for this Ouvrier rat, so we shall call her Liz. We catch Liz stumbling her way through angry streets with not a care for the vicious knives or lecherous eyes that follow her path. She owns these streets, they are her green fields, her hunting ground. Hidden cosily ‘tween the sewer and the sky is an Ouvrier alley where she plies her trade. The beggar brings her precious copper, that he might be a king. The whore brings lover’s gold, that she won’t feel a thing.

Oh how the maggot must think itself so clever, it alone thinks to eat the pus.

A silk-laden noble now passes, bewigged and bewildered; his errand must be important to travel so deep. He will not lower his gaze to our rail-thin wretch, a fact her nimble fingers use to lighten his load. Blue-grey lips curve in victory, the fop will surely think twice before coming to her home again. A day’s work is done, and the reward is but a vial away.

Oh how the tick must think itself so strong, it alone is brave enough to hunt the lion.

Night falls, and home calls. Grey meat and thin beer line her stomach, but does little to sate her hunger. She had promised herself that tonight she wouldn’t take the blue, but who would know if she broke it? Her bones are tired and her eyes can see the world too clearly. She lets the sannish sweep the broken glass away and paint the walls. The blankets become thick wool, and muffled wails give way to beauteous lullabies. She has stolen happiness from tomorrow, for tomorrow never comes.

Oh how the moth must think itself so wise, as it heads alone toward the flame.

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