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Free Varnishes
« on: November 12, 2020, 06:49:58 AM »
*A notice is posted in the Mist Camp*

I, Seldszar Khalazza, am seeking the following alchemy reagents:

*Gelugon Hearts
*Pit Fiend Hearts
*Archmage Brains
*Aboleth Bile
*Zombie Golem Hearts
*Hag Hearts
*Utter Dark Residue
*Greater Fire Snake Glands
*Anubis Guardian Hearts
*Iron Golem Hearts
*Battle Horror Orbs
*Galvan Mage Hearts
*Bone Golem Skulls
*Stone Golem Hearts

In exchange for any of these reagents, I offer coin or high quality varnishes made free of charge. If interested in doing business, write to me at the Vistani Mist Camp or seek me out by the campfire. I am willing to travel to Vallaki, Port-a-Lucine or anywhere else if necessary.

-Seldzar Khalazza
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