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Selling Three Crowns Blade
« on: November 10, 2020, 12:51:26 PM »
*The notice is posted to a tree in the Vistani Mist Camp*

I am selling the famed and valuable Three Crowns Blade. Payment will be accepted in coin or in the exchange of other valuable rarities, those of which I would accept as partial or full payment have been listed below:

* Scrolls of the 9th Circle
* Red Scarab of Protection
* Ring of Arcane Supremacy
* Juggernaut Helm
* Midnighter Cape
* Swordsman Belt
* Greater Mask Amulet
* Ebon Tiger Belt

If interested, seek out Seldszar Khalazza at the Mist Camp or send letter by courier to the same location.

-Seldszar Khalazza
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Re: Selling Three Crowns Blade
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*The notice has been torn down*