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Re: Other Dementlieuse Noble Houses
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House Sazeray

"La puissance est dérivée de la force."
"Might is derived from strength."

House Sazeray was founded in the year 723 B.C., after a prominent industrialist in Chateaufaux named Xavier de Sazeray was awarded letters patent for “improving and developing commerce within Chateaufaux” by Lord-Governor Chambon and his Council of Brilliance. No land came with the title, and it is all but understood that the title was bequeathed to Xavier because of his willingness to assist with the Dementlieuse government’s rather acute financial troubles at the time. It would be one of many stated reasons for Lord-Governor Chambon’s removal from power five years later.

Of course, Xavier de Sazeray was already of advanced age and he would not be able to enjoy his newfound status for long. He would expire from natural causes and his title would pass along to his eldest son, Bertrand de Sazeray. He would prove to be an unremarkable administrator of his father’s meagre estate until 740 BC, when madness saw to overwhelming Chateaufaux.

The young Baron offered full-throated support of Mayor Henri Melano and Captain Domini Tisiphanes as they created the Black Watch and saw to enforcement of all manner of draconian laws and edicts, and arrested dissenters on the absolute thinnest of legal pretexts. He was dealing with labor troubles at the time, and he knew he could count on the Black Watch to ensure order was kept in his workhouses. When Mayor Melano and Captain Tisiphanes were replaced by new, saner leadership, Bertrand de Sazeray’s past allegiances were not forgotten and he was largely alienated by his noble peers. Scorned and rebuked, their influence in Chateaufaux largely abrogated.

Thirty-six years have passed since then, and the Baron is now in his twilight years. In spite of this, rumor has it that his mind is now as sharp as ever. Rare is it that he leaves his family’s estate positioned along Boulevard Jardine, however, save to occasionally oversee the workhouses his family owns. Instead, his son, Bertrand II, is the one most frequently seen around town and serves as the face of Sazeray Carriage Company, alongside his socialite daughter Zoëlle. Rumor has it that the latter has been sent to Port-a-Lucine, to find a proper suitor who will serve as a match… and yet, she would not make it to her intended destination.