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Barovian Noble Families - What a Commoner might know
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* The Romulich Family
* The Ionelus Family
* The Marusca Family
* The Wachter Family

The Romulich Family - What the Common Serf might know

The Romulich Family is infamous for having more skeletons in the closet than any other family in Vallaki. They are known around town as key figures in the Vallaki underworld. As Vallaki is known as a place for dark secrets, the Romulich family is known to be traders of those secrets. Their family does not stop there, though. They are also known as dealers in narcotics and flesh. They run opium dens and pleasure houses. They deal in illicit goods and stolen booty. Just about every form of debauchery may be attributed to their name. And yet, they remain untouchable because of their high status as a noble family in Vallaki. Besides, the Romulich family produces a fine wine that brings in a tremendous profit to the village. Without their wine, the village would be in dire financial straights.

Petru Romulich
Petru is known about town as the little devil. He is an irascible man, who is famous for his short temper and sinister ways.

Rumors: Many in the village know that Petru is seeking to take the seat of Burgomeister from the Ionelus. However, doing so is another matter. Most believe that if a war should come between the Romulich and the Ionelus families, then the Romulich family will be swallowed alive.

Ylenia Romulich
Ylenia functions as the town's madam, overseeing all manners of pleasures for lonely fishermen or weary travelers. Ylenia only employs the best women and promises only the most decadent of pleasures to her clients. Through her clients pillow talk, Ylenia knows a great deal about everybody in town, and it is said that there is not a secret Ylenia does not know. Fortunately for most, she is keeping her mouth shut for now.

Rumors: It is said that Ylenia keeps a lover in town, though no one knows whom this lover is. All anyone sees is a cloaked horseman that rides up to the doorstep of the Nymph with her there to greet him. It is suspected that Petru is aware of this affair but could care less. It is rumored the Prancing Nymph has gone clean, others say it is just a cover for more illicit activities elsewhere in town.

Mikal Romulich
Mikal is a known smuggler of illicit and stolen goods. He is beloved by many women in town as a dashing rogue and bandit.

Rumors: Many believe that Mikal hoards a secret stash of treasure. They say that he has a secret cave, watched over by the halfing family in the mountains. According to rumor, Mikal has a vast and enormous treasure trove, the spoils of over one hundred caravans, hidden in the cave.

Florica Romulich
Every town has one and Vallaki is no exception. There is perhaps no young nobleman who does not know Florica Romulich intimately. She has visited the beds of over a dozen young bachelors in the village and some of them not even of noble blood. While many noble families might be destroyed by such a reputation, it seems to "fit" the persona of the Romulich family. Florica is no brainless harlot, however. She is as manipulative and deceitful as they come. No less than four duels have been fought over her; two of them resulting in death.

Rumors: There are hundreds of rumors surrounding Florica whom she's slept with and whom she hasn't. There are dozens of rumors every week about her exploits. Perhaps the greatest rumor of all is that she enchants men, using her powers' as a witch.

Orinal Romulich
Orinal Romulich runs the day-to-day operations of the family. Despite his youth, Orinal presents a compelling front. He is cleancut, direct, and forthright. He carries himself like a prince, not the member of a decadent family. Orinal's well-mannered presentation of himself makes many believe that he is not truly a member of the Romulich family but an adopted orphan or the product of an illicit love affair.

Rumors: Many rumors have it that Orinal is planning to take over the family business, yanking it out from under the legs of his older brother, Mikal. Many also believe that Orinal is attempting to set the family business straight and go complete legitimate.
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The Ionelus Family - What the Common Serf might know
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The Ionelus Family - What the Common Serf might know

The extensive Ionelus Family is the leading family of this tiny village. This influential family owns almost the entire village, from the famous Vallaki orchards to the terraced farms around the town. Just about every peasant in the village is a serf underneath the Ionelus family. The Ionelus are famous for being crafty, scheming, but ultimately fair.

The family did not inherit their immense power. These holdings once belonged to the Roche family, who were ousted at the behest of Strahd. The Roche family swiftly fell into ruin after their removal from office, but it is rumored that some of their members still lurk about Barovia...

Nicolai Ionelus (DEAD)

Nicolai is the canny burgomaster of Vallaki, winning his position through guile and political cunning. When Strahd swept down and removed the Pratori from office, Nicolai was there to fill the vacuum. Nicolai is well known for being gruff, callous, but also fair. He has his hands involved in just about everything that goes on in Vallaki.

Rumors: Nicolai sits aging upon his throne, worried about the future of his family. He was grooming young Nicolai the Lesser to take his place as burgomaster until his death to the Gundarakite rebellion.  Something that was causing a stir within the community, because Nicolai is apparently was not giving his position to Vladimir, the eldest son. While most don’t blame Nicolai for his appointment, it is considered a serious breech of tradition.

UPDATE: Nicolai Ionelus was bedridden for the better part of a year, his health incredibly poor. Word spread that, eventually, he succumbed to whatever illness overtook him.

Vladimir Ionelus (DEAD)

Vladimir is a savage, reckless noble who grew up spoiled from birth. Today, Vladimir is only respected for his family name, which he throws around like a weapon. Vladimir likes nothing more than to intimidate and cajole others, no doubt finding pleasure in the domination of those who cannot fight back. Vladimir Ionelus covets his father's position more than ever, finally seeing that there's no other substitute than himself and the unlikeliness of Nadia being given the position.

Rumors: It is well known that Vladimir covets his father’s position, and while he deeply suspected that this position would not be forthcoming before his brother Nicolai the Lesser dead, as General, he now sees himself as rightful heir of the seat of burgomaster.

UPDATE: When Nicolai Ionelus became ill, Vladimir named himself "acting burgomaster" for a time, bringing a reign of terror to Vallaki that made him widely unpopular. He was captured by men associated with Lord Ivan Wachter, and transported to his estate, where he remained until executed by the boyar, who was, in turn, executed for bestowing justice that was never his to give.

Gaelia Ionelus-Wachter (DEAD)

The beaten and worn wife of Vladimir, Gaelia spends most of her time apologizing for her husband’'s behavior and keeping her son and daughter out of prison. Her marriage to Vladimir was purely political, and it is evident that the two have little love for each other. Gaelia may be shy and quiet, but the years of abuse have stoked a latent fire within her.

Rumors: Gaelia is very protective of her youngest child, Mimeti. It is well known that she lives and breathes for this strange child.

UPDATE: Gaelia Ionelus-Wachter supposedly met her end at the hands of a monster, a demon from the depths of Iadul, if the official word is to be believed. 

Matthias and Shara Ionelus (MISSING)[

If the sins of the father are carried on by his children, then the sins of Vladimir Ionelus are carried ten-fold through these his two children. These twin terrors have long plagued the village of Vallaki with their excesses. Both are known to be borderline psychotics, with a penchant for getting into reckless fights and numerous duels. If it weren’t for their family name, both would have been long since hung by now.

Rumors: Matthais and Shara are rumored to pursue a relationship, much to the shock and horror of the village. While neither of them has committed outright murder, there are rumors that some of the village disappearances from a few years back can be linked to them.

UPDATE: No one's seen Matthias or Shara since the War of Copper Knives...

Mimeti Ionelus (MISSING)

The youngest child of Vladimir and Gaelia, Mimeti was born with a placental caul over his eyes. Today, Mimeti seems to be living up to his birthright. He is a strange child, often uttering prophecies or predictions. Many in the village fear him, but his family name protects him from the flames or gallows.

Rumors: Gaelia protects Mimeti with her life and clings to this child obsessively.

UPDATE: No one knows where Memeti is, and many believe him to be dead or worse.

Svari Ionelus

In utter disappointment to his father, Svari has joined the Church of Ezra. Svari is a dedicated Toret, who works in the village's large temple under Father Sentire Mugur. Most of the time, Svari tries to forget about his family and his family name, not even speaking of it to others. Conscience, however, occasionally pulls him back to help his family in times of crisis.

Rumors: Nicolai had hoped that Svari could have inherited the position of burgomaster, but Svari gave up this right when he joined the church. Svari is actually one of the few people alive to ever see the inside of the Tomb of Quinn Roche, though he is loath to speak of it.

UPDATE: Svari is now the burgomaster of Vallaki, appointed by Strahd von Zarovich XI in the wake of his father's death.

Nadia Ionelus

The infamous “"Black Widow of Vallaki,"” Nadia Ionelus is well-known amongst the peasantry and nobles alike. Nadia has had no less than four different husbands. Each of them dying off in a mysterious or unforeseen way. Most people of the village have concluded that Nadia is cursed. Nadia has inherited all of her father’'s guile and cunning. She is an exquisite politician and strict administrator. She is often Nicolai'’s go-to woman, running the day-to-day operations of the family. Nadia has two young children: Serena and Tari.

Rumor: Nadia would make an excellent replacement for Nicolai as burgomaster, but Nicolai fails to see why a woman should take his
place. Nadia has her hand in about as many places as her father, and she even has some resources that her father does not possess. The biggest rumor of all is that she has contacts with the infamous Ba’'al Verzi Assassins.

UPDATE: Acting burgomaster and administrator of Vallaki following Vladimir's capture by Lord Wachter's men, her rule was eclipsed by famine and conflict, culminating in the War of Copper Knives, a conflict between the Wachter family and the Ionelus family. Taken by Lord Wachter, she was supposed to be executed, but was saved last minute by the Count's arrival. Rumor says that she is angry (perhaps rightly so) that her brother Svari got chosen over her, and might act on the jealousy that stirs in her heart soon.

Aerianna Ionelus

Like Svari, Aerianna has tried to distance herself from her family’s political backbiting and scheming. Aerianna has instead taken up metal craft; becoming one of the finer weaponsmiths in the village, although one would never know this by looking upon her. She has a spectral beauty that makes many think that she is fey-touched. The fact that she is a weapons crafter is a small scandal for the Ionescus, for Aerianna is a noble doing the work of a commoner. Still, Aerianna has patently refused to close up shop, much to her father’'s enragement.

Rumors: Aerianna is perhaps the favorite of Nicolai. She alone comforts him on long nights, listens to him, and withholds judgment. Aerianna is known for disappearing for long stretches of time from the town. No one knows where she goes, but rumor has it that she keeps a lover in another town. Many comment constantly on Aerianna’s appearance – the fact that she looks nothing like either her mother or father. Some say that she is actually fey-born, the result of a romantic twist between her mother, Maedra, and a fey lover.


This young innocent is Nicolai the Elder’'s last hope for an heir to the burgomaster position. The problem is that Nicolai the Lesser is anything but ready for the position. Young, naïve, and unsure of himself, Nicolai is more of a follower than a leader. Currently, he serves in the town militia, under the watchful eye of Dagris the Cruel. Nicolai desperately wants his father’s approval, but lacks courage and direction.

Rumors: Rumor has it that Nicolai and Nyssa Dolevnia are lovers, but this remained unproven. Nicolai the Elder would frown upon such a relationship, since the Dolevnia clan is Gundarkite by race.
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The Marusca Family - What the Common Serf might know
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The Marusca Family - What the Common Serf might know

The Marusca Family is largely a merchant family that nonetheless exerts its influence over the village of Vallaki. First of all, the Marusca Family owns and operates a great deal of the fishing that goes on in Vallaki. They know the best fishing spots on the lake and know more about the terrors that lurk below the depth of the lake than anyone else. The Marusca Family also possesses the secret to making fine fishing nets that reap the most fish from the depths of Lake Zarovich. Finally, the Marusca Family is known to have the ‘Gift.’

Most of their family members are seers, mediums, midwifes, or spirit finders. Their members walk a fine line between folk remedies and outright witchcraft. Thus, the Marusca Family is either respected in the village …or feared.

Gregor Marusca

The eldest of the current Marusca family, Gregor is the lead fisherman in the village of Vallaki. Much of what goes on in the village fishing-wise depends on him. If Gregor does not go out in the morning, you can be sure that no other boats will test the lake waters either. If Gregor stays late in the day, one can be sure that the fishing fleet will remain out as well. Gregor has an uncanny knack for knowing the weather, and he knows more than anyone about the secrets of Lake Zarovich.

Rumors: Gregor never married. He is even said to have visited the land of the dwarves and the land of the elves.

Euodicha Marusca

The sister of Gregor, Euodicha is a known alchemist and midwife. She also possesses the knowledge of the famous Marusca fishing nets. She commands a high position in the village as the community healer. Adding to her reputation is her marvelous demeanor as a bedside physician. Because of her delightful manner, many in the village love Euodicha.

Rumors: Despite her positive outlook, Euodicha bears a heavy grudge against Petru Romulich, whom she believes to be a criminal and charlatan of the lowest sort. Her hate of Petru is said to threaten the start of a family rivalry.

Lizuca Marusca

The daughter of Euodicha, Lizuca is the town’s animal whisperer. It is said that Lizuca can coax an old cow to give milk or a rooster to lay an egg. Lizuca’s talent with animals makes her popular with peasants and nobles alike. Not only does Lizuca possess an amazing rapport with animals, but she is also a skilled fisher woman, following her in uncle’s footsteps. Nowadays, the fish she hauls in everyday rivals her uncle’s.

Rumors: It is said that Lizuca can swim like an eel and possesses an uncanny ability to hold her breath for long periods of time. Because of these traits, Lizuca knows the depths of Zarovich Lake like no one else. Some say that she is, in fact, Gregor Marusca’s daughter – the offspring between him and a someone unknown. Other rumors about Lizuca include a past dalliance with Svari Ionelus, which, if true, would certain put a stain upon the holy man’s record.

Randani Hilin-Marusca

Randani married into the Marusca Family, but he fits right into their strange community. Randani is a well-known spirit finder, who often finds spirits in people’s homes and chases them out. Randani teaches a few hours every afternoon, and he is a renowned storyteller.

Rumors: Randani is rumored to have run into a spirit a few years ago that he could not chase out. The powerful spirit was located in the Ionelus estate. Rumor has it that after a pitched battle, involving the death of several guards, the demon spirit fled into the night, vowing to return Randani maintains a chipper façade about the entire affair, loathing to speak of it.

Lileera Marusca

Ever since she was a child, Lileera has been a spiritual medium. For a long while, the village wanted nothing more than to banish the child, but after she used her medium talents to solve a murder in the village, the town has since changed its tune. Now, people come from all over Barovia seeking Marusca’s advice. She is seen as a withdrawn but wise woman, who is viewed with a little pity by some.

Rumors: Lileera’s ability makes her a hot commodity for those who wish to speak to the dead. As such, she has become patron for grave robbers, like the few daring souls who have tried to enter the Vault of Quinn Roche.
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The Wachter Family - What the Common Serf might know
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The Wachter Family - What the Common Serf might know

The last true noble family of Barovia has loyaly served the the von Zaroviches since the times of Victor Wachter. Though their blood has spread to the far corners of the Core, the Wachters have retained their eminence in their native land through unwavering loyalty to the von Zaroviches. The merchants of Krezk are content with Wachter's rule, believing that he is one of their own and serves their interests first and foremost. This influential family owns the vastest piece of land, the Wachter province and Krezk.

The bulk of the family's territory and riches has been passed on from generation to generation for centuries.

Ivan Wachter (DEAD)

Spoiler: show
Lord Burgomaster of Krezk and Boyar of the Wachter Province Ivan Wachter is a cunning trader in copper and woodcrafts, and the patriarch of the last old Barovian noble family to retain any significant power. It is known and rumored in town that he has suffered great loss to a terrible tragedy at the Estate.

Rumors: Ivan Wachter has gone through a series of family tragedies following with the murder of his family to the hands of a creature of the Night. His wife Stefania and 2 sons killed and a daughter, rumor has it that he recently took a younger mistress with a bastard child. Word also has it that there are tensions between Nicolai Ionelus and Ivan Wachter, caused by Vladimir and the excesses of Vladimir Ionelus with his daughter, Gaelia.

UPDATE: After his daughter Gaelia was slain, he swore vengeance upon Nadia Ionelus, who he believed to be responsible. Mustering his army to seize Vallaki, they took the city and held it for a day before Strahd arrived the night Nadia was to be executed. For trying to carry out justice, Ivan was slain by Strahd himself.

Dimitrijie Wachter

Spoiler: show
Oldest living Wachter, Dimitrijie is perhaps the most feared by those who need to know: Boyar, Burgomasters, land and mercantile owners. His position as the 'Devil's accountant' accentuates the family a status of power and gives it an edge to be reckoned with.

Rumors: Dimitrijie is old, yet looks quite young for his age. Many have started to ask questions and speculations as to what his secret may be whispered in fear by those who like to gossip. Among that gossip it is said the old Wachter likes to drink bovine blood to keep him healthy - the tales are many and bolder serfs have long pending bets as to when the old Wachter will die. Some of the older folk in the province passed on stories to their young about Dimitrijie being the childbirth that cost the life of Gloriana Wachter, one of the kindest, fairest Boyar spouses that's ever graced the Wachter Province.

Gaelia Ionelus-Wachter (DEAD)

Spoiler: show
The beaten and worn wife of Vladimir, Gaelia spends most of her time apologizing for her husband’'s behavior and keeping her son and daughter out of prison. Her marriage to Vladimir was purely political, and it is evident that the two have little love for each other. Gaelia may be shy and quiet, but the years of abuse have stoked a latent fire within her.

Rumors: Gaelia is missed by the fair folk who enjoyed watching her riding horseback through the Estate premises, she is said to always been close to Yakov, the stablemaster. With the recent rumors coming from Vallaki and the reckless boyarski, many speculate about whether Ivan Wachter will get involved and many wonder why he hasn't.

UPDATE: Gaelia was supposedly killed by a monster she summoned herself, though the serfs from the Wachter lands don't believe that for a moment. Of course, it matters not, she is dead regardless.

Ioan Wachter

Spoiler: show
Squire-guard to Georghe Zarnesti, the Captain of the Krezk guard, Ioan is being schooled into the Barovian Military. Fair, noble and known to have a great sense of justice, Ioan is to many, the incarnation of the ancestral Patriarch Victor Wachter whom townsfolk know about through tales told by towncriers.

Rumor: Ioan spends most of his time in Krezk, away from the Estate where he joined the army, learning from Georghe Zarnesti and his teachings. Many believe Ioan favors the Captain of the Krezk guard over his own father. Some claim having seen the young lord having an argument with the boyar's mistress.

UPDATE: Ioan was made the burgomaster of Krezk and the inheritor of his father's holdings following his death. A sad, broken man, Ioan still has nightmares about the day Strahd killed his only father, the father he wished he knew better.

Erzsebet Olszanik

Spoiler: show
Ivan's new flame, young lady Erzsebeth sometimes wanders to the market followed by guards to peruse traders wares or to speak with the fair folk. Some believe she is kind, others that she is trying too hard. While more conservative ones disapprove in private of their Lord widower to take on a mistress so soon after the tragedy, after all, a Barovian only marries once.

Rumor: Erzsebet is beautiful, and young - rumor about her interest in the burgomaster are purely self-serving run rampant. Viperous tongues speculate regarding her son Oleg; those who have had the displeasure to deal with the child speak of a cruel little boy with a black heart. Many wonder if it is Ivan legitimate child or if the young mistress had another affair.

UPDATE: Erzsebet, in the wake of the War of Copper Knives, has disappeared from Wachter lands...

Oleg Wachter

Spoiler: show
Knowledge of his existence was kept quiet for almost nine years, Oleg is believed to be the son born out of the illicit affair between Ivan Wachter and Erzebeth Olzanik. He has been seen in town, accompanied by guards. Some speak of his fondness of dolls, he likes to play with them, acting them out.

Rumor: Oleg has a very nasty attitude for someone his age. Often hiding, playing nasty pranks on merchants about town, who can't fight back.

UPDATE: Oleg has disappeared with Erzsebet, where they may have gone is a mystery.


Significant NPC's close to the family:

Leticia Pisca

Spoiler: show
She has served the Wachter family as the head maid for long years but her best are behind her. It is believed she will soon be replaced.

Rumors: Leticia is very caring and kind. She has served long years for the Wachter family. Some believe Liviu is her own bastard child, because she has never married.

Liviu ''The Bastard'' - Personal Guard to Ivan Wachter & acting Wachter House Guard Captain (DEAD)

Spoiler: show
Known as a bastard, Liviu was brought into the Estate when still an infant child by caretaker and maid, Leticia Pisca.

Rumors: Liviu 'The Bastard' fended off against the fiends that attacked the Estate and saved the boyars' life. It is said he has a formidable skill with the sword. Having been favored by foremer drill instructor, Yakov Calmasaru for long years.

UPDATE: When Strahd ordered decimation of the Wachter family's armed forces, Liviu was one of the unlucky men who was slain.

Yakov Calmasaru - Stablemaster

Spoiler: show
Ex-Wachter house guard, saw himself rewarded with the running of the serfdom stables after the grave injury that cost him his arm - he never speaks of it. Many believe he still thinks himself capable of being a house guard. Yakov enjoys drinking alone, remembering the old days when he used to be a respected drill sergeant. Having trained most of the men himself. His best days are behind him, or so people believe.

Rumor: Speculations as to how Yakov lost his arm are a long years' running bet to the one hearing the truth. The pot keeps growing to this day, but the man never tells.

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