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Author Topic: [A Recruitment Flyer for the Vallaki Garda]  (Read 177 times)


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[A Recruitment Flyer for the Vallaki Garda]
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//Only one week until NCE! If you've ever been interested in playing a garda, NCE is the BEST time to try it out!  Roll up a Native Barovian then find a Garda in game or private message Private Corneliu Popovici or Private Stoian Stanciu.
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Kolos - Drains Crew Boss (Shelved)
Vog - Dvergheim Dwarf (Shelved)
Cezar Pochev - Barovian Ne'er-do-well (Dead)
Oszkar Voros - Gundarakite Ne'er-do-well (Shelved)
Corneliu Popovici - Garda