Author Topic: Dementlieu - Maitriser's War Camp  (Read 313 times)


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Dementlieu - Maitriser's War Camp
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Word would go around about a new face amongst the Covenant War Camp; the Ezrite priestess Agnès Gauthier, technically a prisoner of war, given the freedom of the camp to treat the wounded of both sides, and championing the rights of her fellow prisoners of war, especially those born of lesser rank: ensuring the enchained soldiers of common birth were fed and kept adequately warm.

On her shoulder, she wore a symbol, a scrap of cotton inscribed with a green five-pronged flower-like star. This symbol, she would explain to any who asked, represented Ezra's agency of healing in this world, neutral and beyond politics. The "Ezrite Cross", "Green Flower" or "Green Rose", a reference to the five-petaled wild rose...

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