Author Topic: Dementlieu - Asylum of Port-a-Lucine  (Read 551 times)


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Dementlieu - Asylum of Port-a-Lucine
« on: April 28, 2021, 02:10:29 PM »

[Along the road leading to Port-a-Lucine's asylum can be seen abandoned fortifications and cheval de frises, along with a host of scavengers man and animal alike, picking over the bodies left in the field. Blood and mud cakes their wine-red armor, their crimson sashes, their uniforms of jade. Flies feast upon the rotting carcasses of horses strewn across the site of the battle. Off in the distance, from behind wrought-iron fences and padded walls, old demons torture the haunted soldiers of conflicts past, the sound of clashing steel and thunderous shot causing them to revisit old horrors.

The Battle of Plessis Forest, so named for the dense forest near the asylum, was over.]

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Re: Dementlieu - Asylum of Port-a-Lucine
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The early morning tranquility surrounding Port-a-Lucine's Asylum comes to an abrupt end with a single gunshot, as the Gendarmerie Nationale storms one of the wings, led there by three unusually notable witnesses. After an exhaustive search of the cells, a shaken woman is escorted out into the light of day, and before long they're joined in their efforts by none other than the Great Detective himself. Another gunshot bookends the day's events, and rumor spreads of not one but multiple bodies discovered in the nearby forest.

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Re: Dementlieu - Asylum of Port-a-Lucine
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Four Gendarmes are seen escorting a small, frail woman along the road towards the Asylum before the peace of the Plessis Forest is once more torn asunder by a large explosion. This is followed by several shots, screams, and the sound of metal tearing through flesh.

After a good moment's silence, three Gendarmes with various injuries are then seen walking back towards the city; the fourth is carried, a corpse.
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