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Applications for Remakes and Relevels
« on: February 12, 2007, 07:35:32 PM »
If you wish to remake and/or relevel your character, you must submit your request in writing to the DM team, using the template below. You can find a list of DMs and their contact information here.

Some application notes and advice:
  • Each request will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The DM team reserves the right to deny a request for a remake/relevel if we do not deem it necessary, but you will be informed as to why we decide to deny the request if that is the case.
  • Changing several class levels is not something we do without a strong roleplay reason behind it.
  • We can't vote for an application that is 1-2 sentences, nor do we want to see 5000 character applications. Be clear in the purpose behind the remake or relevel.
  • Please proofread your application and edit it for clarity before you submit it.
  • Characters who are level 15 or above are considered to be thoroughly established; it is unlikely we will grant changes to characters at this stage unless they are directly connected to a recent system change.
  • Make sure to send the application to active DMs only. You can send it to multiple DMs at once, but when doing so, make sure to put them in CC so they know you've sent it to others as well.

Application for a remake or relevel:

1. Your character's name.

2. Your NWN login name.

3. Your character's level and class(es). In the case of multiclassing, please list levels in both classes (such as 2 rogue, 3 cleric).

4. Your character's ability scores.

5. An explicit list of changes you want to make. This includes the specific changes to skills, feats, and ability scores. Please only list the mechanical changes, you may use sections 6 and 7 for reasons.

6. An IC explanation for the change. Please aim to keep it under 250 words. If the remake or relevel is not due to a mistake or issue with the mechanics of NWN, we expect an IC explanation.

7. An OOC explanation for the change. Please aim to keep it under 250 words.

**Note Wizards who undergo the remake process will lose spells previously learned from scrolls. We are currently not reimbursing spells lost in this manner. Scrolls will need to be obtained again IC to re-learn lost spells.

Some examples of remakes which are more likely to be accepted:
  • To increase Intelligence to 13, because didn't realise you needed 13 Int minimum for certain Feats.
  • To take Muse, or another 1st-level-only Feat, because you feel it fits your character and they were created before the addition of this content.
  • To change a Wizard's Specialist School, because it has locked you out of casting spells which suit your character's roleplay/ethos/vibe.
  • To re-jig your ability scores, because you're a new player and didn't realise the significance of secondary attributes to your class/character.
  • You need another go at the Relevel Crystal because you messed up on your last chance.
Some examples of remakes which are less likely to be accepted:
  • Minor changes which amount to tweaking/optimisation, rather than being necessary to play/advance the character.
Some examples of remakes which are unlikely to be accepted:
  • The character is over level 15.
  • The change/removal of the character's initial class.
  • Reconstruction of a character to allow them to achieve a Prestige Class.
  • Changes which significantly alter or 'retcon' development of the character.
On renaming characters:
The DM Team is relaxed when it comes to renaming characters. There are, however, circumstances where we will not rename or get involved in the changing of a character's appearance, including any attempts to dodge IC consequences for IC actions.
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Re: Applications for Remakes and Relevels
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2019, 07:41:27 PM »
In the interest of clarifying expectations, the DM team has amended the above to include general examples of what might be acceptable in a remake application, and rewritten some points.