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Author Topic: Red Wyvern Wares is now open.  (Read 610 times)


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Red Wyvern Wares is now open.
« on: January 18, 2021, 06:36:18 PM »
[A new flyer appears in Port-ŗ-Lucine, Mist Camp and the Vallaki Outskirts]

When I started forging weapons, my mentor had me make a promise. He told me that weapons and armor have saved more lives than any person could ever hope to. If you canít defend yourself, you canít live long in these lands. So he made me promise never to be greedy, that I was always to make sure arms and armor got in the hands of the good people who needed them, to always offer a fair deal. With that promise in mind, Red Wyvern Wares is ready to serve.

We offer potion and varnish brewing, salvaged wares sales and take custom orders for weapons, ammunition and armors of all kinds. Short on coin?
You can pay in other ways! Spend a lot of time in the wilderness? You can pay in whatever herbs you might find! Are you the crypt delving sort? We accept certain alchemical reagents as payment!

So if you are in need of leathers, weapons, gildings, shields, armor, ammunition, salvaged wares and more, look for Red Wyvern Wares in the Vallaki Outskirts, Mist Camp,
or leave word for us at Novakís Rentals in Dementlieu or the Ladyís Rest in Vallaki.

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Re: Red Wyvern Wares is now open.
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2021, 10:29:38 PM »
Services Offered

-Adamantine Acquisition

-Leather Armors

-Chitin Armors

-Shields (Wood and Chitin)

-Wooden Weapons and Bows

-Metal Arms and Armor


-Potion Sales and Potion Brewing: Bring us your herbs, we'll brew them for you. (Minimum 10)

-Varnish Creation: Bring us your reagents and we'll brew them up. (Minimum 10 - Minimum requirement waived for Radiant Magical Essence.)

-Alchemical Core Arrows, Bolts and Bullets

Low on coin? Looking for a discount? Bring us the materials and we'll assemble your order for a small fee.

To place an order seek out ATHAULF, RED or KIYOSA. Or leave word at the Lady's Rest, Novak's Rentals or the Governor's Hotel.
(Custom engraving upon request for small additional fee.)
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Re: Red Wyvern Wares is now open.
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2021, 11:21:54 AM »
[Another flier joins the rest, listing a choice selection of some of the finer wares currently on stock at the Red Wyvern stall]

Slayer's Robe, for the discerning night time adventurer - 15.000
Archer's Belt, invaluable for when enemy arrows block out the sun - 60.000
Belt of the Light, for the righteous priests and holy warriors of any faith - 20.000
Cloak of Stone, to accompany your new Slayer's Robe - 30.000

Amulet of Fire Resistance, as the name suggest, this will help keep your eyebrows in place - 10.000
Abjurer's Band, for those mages who prepare to enter magical duels - 5.000

Heartwood Spear, finely crafted Oak with a Mithral tip, this spear will both daze and corrode your enemies - 50.000
Mae Buddugoliaeth Wawr, an unassuming spear to drive into any undead creature's back - 20.000

Odium Mortis, if the warhammer is more your style, this one will crush any bone - 10.000
Winterlass, an elegant blade to leave your foes cold and bleeding - 8.000

Accepting all forms of currency.
Seek out Athaulf for further questions and transactions.
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Re: Red Wyvern Wares is now open.
« Reply #3 on: March 25, 2021, 06:53:10 AM »

Spoiler: show
Strong Varnishes (All) - 200
Greater Fire - 300
Greater Cold - 300
Greater Negative - Too rare to be reliable stock
Greater Acid - Too rare to be reliable stock
Greater Magic - Save for enchanting.
Greater Negative - 5000
Greater Magical - 5000

Steel - 150
Silver - 200
Strong Alchemical Steel - 250
Strong Alchemical Silver - 350
Greater Alchemical Steel - 450
Greater Alchemical Silver - 550

Steel/Wood Light Weapons (One-handed) - 500
Steel/Wood Weapons (Two-handed) - 1000
Steel/Chitin Light/Medium Armor - 1500
Steel/Chitin Heavy Armor - 2500
Steel/Chitin Helmet/Bracers/Gloves - 1000

Sturdy Leather Armor - 2000
Boots/Gloves (No Steel) - 1000

Greater Fire Snake Hide - +1000
Ancient Dire backing - +1000

Silver Gild - +500
Gold Gild - +1000
Byeshk Gild - +1000
Electrum Gild - +1000
Platinum Gild - +2000

Oak Small/Large Shield - 500
Oak Tower Shield - 750
Oak Tower Shield - 1000
Steel Oak Small/Large Shield - 1250
Steel Oak Tower Shield - 1500
Steel-Thick Chitin Small/Large Shield - 1000
Steel-Thick Chitin Tower Shield - 1500

Basic Bow - 750
Composite Bow - 1500
Devil/Demon Horns - +1000
Carcass Eater Spine - +3000

For adamantium requests or magic items contact our active associates
Red, Kyosa, Athaulf, Yolven Naiat

Wyverns Wares Shops are active in Vallaki and the Mist Camp.