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Enolaton Sonof
« on: February 23, 2021, 05:44:22 PM »
forgive me, for my english

Enolaton (notalonE) is an orphan, he grew in a cabin with a fisher as father and a cooker as mother.
Then, some slavers killed is family and took him as a slave to raid on the lands of Cormyr and The Mitan. He succesfully escaped and travelled to  the "CoastSword"
He grew old and "took" is own sloop, sailing and raiding on the Moonshae Islands for himself and his crew, slaves, wanderers and outlaws, as him.
Selfish, he lead them and fought hardly for Freedom but surely for Gold and Fame.
Bless by Tempus in Arena, by Tymora on the roads and Valkur on Sea, with his favorite weapon, a "battleaxe", he slew a bounch of foes.
Even his crew had no rights to slay the unarmed or to rape women he surely  offend Valkur or Umberlee...
Maybe the reason for, one day, a Misty Storm falled upon their sloop.
He falled unconscious and  woke up "Alone" in Barovia, close to the Vistani camp.

and now the story in Barovia begin !

Ps : i hope my english is not too ugly for you
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