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Barrows Humor
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Barrows Humor
A Story of Curses.


Another boy was born to a merchant family
The youngest of four turned out to be the tragedy
Strange things happened around him
Stranger still what happened to him
Wickedness incarnate his father quickly called him

A mother's love is oft said to be unbreakable
Yet the sin in the boy seemed unshakeable
They tried priests and exorcisms
Yet the perceived devils inside the boy did not cease

The fifth year of life came quickly, and the sixth there after
The misfortunes followed, some greater, some smaller
'till one day one coincidence lead to another
A floor wettened by water and a chair had wandered
How little it takes to make an adult man's step falter

What have you done?
Your uncle lies dead, his skull asunder
The kitchen table had claimed his head as the legs underneath him faltered

Athelstan, stop crying and tell us what you did
This is all your fault, you cursed little twit
I told you the boy is the devil, called the father to the mother
No son of mine is he, look what he has done to my brother

Later that week, at the crack of dawn
Lead by the hand, out of a carriage tall
His hair combed neatly, wearing his finest
A little boy escorted to a large building oddly creepy

Athelstan, sit here in silence
The adults will be talking just past this door
And there will be no prying

The boy swung his little feet as he sat impatient
Minutes felt like hours
His only company the walls of a hallway
Until the door once again opened, his parents marching quickly past him
His father's gaze sternly ahead, whilst his mother was crying

A woman in formal dress came from the room now behind him
He placed a hand on little Athelstan's shoulder, thinly smiling
He would be now staying with the orphanage, he was informed
His parents would not be visiting, that part of life was now gone

Athelstan, wipe your cheeks
There will be no tears here, Athelstan
You will be learning to be on your best behaviour

And though you may sometimes feel sadness
Keep it inward, bury it in silence
If you keep crying the other children will eat you alive
So you best remember, Athelstan
Big boys don't cry
"A man in a robe, claiming communion with the divine? Madness." - Narrator, Darkest Dungeon