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Author Topic: Issues with aoe effects/cleave/continued attack  (Read 732 times)


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Issues with aoe effects/cleave/continued attack
« on: July 24, 2020, 01:35:12 AM »
(Playing on action server, but I imagine there is no difference between tilesets, hacks, or creatures.)

Vob Cemetery and crypt: aura harm skill from turn fairly ineffective on ghasts, ghouls, and agrats in any location in the cemetery and the crypt - works fine on hevuca's, morghs, bodaks, skeletal warriors, and fire ball skeletons in any location there.

Ruined monastery - south of deganwy - illuminous spirits seem unaffected by damage turning skill in main area by the gate doors, in the halls, or on the stairs. Works fine on gilos and the lower level spirits in any location.

Ghastria - turn damage aoe effect seems ineffective on greater agrats, ghoul lords, slaughter wights - forested area

Also of note, cleave/great cleave and continued attack seems ineffective/not working on the above listed models. On rare occasion it will work, but 90% of the time it wont. The unaffected models appear to be standard nwn models, the models that have issues seem to be the new fancy looking ones. (Perhaps a mesh issue with the models or a hitbox issue?)

Despite checking different parts of terrain to see if that was the cause no difference was noticed.

No issue has been noted with the models or areas under the out skirts church, so I am doubting it is the crypt tile set.
Other undead such as skeletons, hevucas, and zombies seem to have no issues being hit by said aoe effect in forest/crypt/cave/desert tilesets, nor any issues with cleave/great cleave, nor any issues with continued attacks.

Other creatures in the same areas, such as wolves, worgs, shadows, werewolves, etc. seem to have no issues with cleave or continued attacks.

It may be something as simple as the game not registering that there is an enemy with in range for whatever reason even though there clearly is. This could be caused by height mapping, hitbox location (if nwn models have hit boxes), the meshes on the models, and whichever scripts govern distance detections. I wish i could narrow it down more for you guys.

Since I haven't done any modeling with/for nwn, I am ignorant as to the differences between models for it and unreal/unity/cry engines. But, I would imagine there are still similarities. So, I can only go off what I learned for my degree in game design in trying to bug report.

Since the ruins tileset seems to be a standard one, I went ahead to check the base game as well to make sure it wasn't an ee thing. Granted, the damage aoe turn ability doesn't exist; however, it was brought up that aoe damaging spells might have an issue. Tests in the standard game with similar tileset areas conclude that standard creatures were damaged just fine with aoe spells on the crypt/winter/forest/plains/ruins/city/ etc. tilesets with no issues.  Obviously mountains, other custom tilesets, and customizations to standard tilesets could not be tested in the base game.
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