Author Topic: [action] string of NPC spells deletes spirit immunities & now im at -2 and stuck  (Read 150 times)


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Ok, this is getting more and more ridiculous  :lol:

Continuing from before.
Top of Lysaga hills. Im preying my money in spirit form hoping some of my friends will come and save my preciousssss.

For some reason, the two group of mobs that should cycle between day and night meet and discharge spells one another, with me in spirit in the middle. They manage to dispel all my protections as a spirit. They manage to wound me to -2, as a spirit. Now I'm face down, as a spirit. I'm not bleeding tho. @return doesnt work. logging in again doesnt work.

the partial list of spells discharged is visible on a screenshot i took, let me know if it is needed. i also made another @debug.