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Kindred Night - Adrian Dundragon
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Adrian Dundragon is a fair-skinned, educated, half-elven man , though the points of his ears are often hidden in behind dusky brown hair. Known as Dracos von Nightscape he wears black clothing often trimmed or buttoned with gold layered over purple along with a red scarf or ascot with well adorned patterns along the edge of his cuffs, pants bottoms, or along the end of his inner seams wearing minimal jewelry aside from a  golden cross embroidered with jewels of amethyst and obsidian notable the dark obsidian circle surrounded with amethyst stones. Adorning a cape had always been customary to him along with his hood a golden mask adorning a series of amethyst and obsidian stones along its edges. Masking his presence had often given an enmity to many confusing him for some evil individual or vampire at night though now this image is revered and known by many with his renown as "The Doctor".

Far from his land of Chiondanthar before the great city of Elturel what was the Frontier of a young Nasher later Western Heartland Adrian's home was a simple manor and estate with but small plots of towns and villages about it. Born as titled son to a Merchant Lord of the Sword Coast Adrian was groomed and grown into his education and position at a very early age. He was after all a Dundragon one of the most known from Skullport to Water Deep by the Golden Dragon marked upon the black cloak of his family's name.

Along with his upbringing of trade and commerce his mother had manly groomed him in the faith of the Avenging Mother. His violet eyes were considered a boon or prophecy by the faith under the Dark Cloaks. Though many seen them as evil they were compassionate order and law abiding aiding those in sorrows or emotional troubles to forgetfulness and being shepherds and oracles for those lost. This too was engrained to Adrian as soon as he was capable as a child his mother believing his eyes to be prophetic to the church's desire and favor of their goddess.

Adrian did not have time for friends or pets merely social acquaintances as his father and mother, though loving, were stern in grooming him in the way of their legacies. Studies took over a general amount of his time as he spent hours in the study halls of the Dundragon Manor reading books and receiving lessons far beyond a child's ability. The Studies of Sciences,Alchemy, Herbalism, Medicines, Divination, minor musical involving the Violin, Scribing, Magical studies, Observational Astrology, various Lores, and Academical Society was all Adrian's life. And with neither complaint or emotion did he complain.

Many of the house and family thought him a mere obedient doll but behind the close doors of his parents they were loving and nurturing and it was only then did Adrian show the smallest of affections to his parents. Draconis Dundragon was a strong and reputable man whose father Drogan Dundragon was similar having accomplish a long history of business and proper dealings though both influence Adrian they were disappointed his ability for physical combat paled to his studies. Though his Grandfather notice well the tactician in his grandson and spurred his studies into such as Warfare even having him being a Honor guard member of one of his Uncle's Houses.

However Adrian Dracos Dundragon could not expect what would be fall his home and his tranquility as strangers baring the mark of the Moon infiltrated his home and began to set it ablaze. A man of his early thirties and soon to own a share of his family legacies both in the Merchant and Church business Adrian's home was befallen by enemies. It was unclear why those of Selune would charge into their home. Servants and house members slain it was Adrian who stood beside his father, mother, and grandfather fending off those that sully their home.

By the words of his parents it was clear some one betrayed the family and whether it was rival, family member, or simply chance Selune's forces came to purge the tranquil home of Adrian whose parents abide by the laws and did no evil to speak of. With the tide in disfavor his parents told him to run giving him time to escape. Adrian vowed he would avenge his family and the grave insult placed upon him and his own. Though it would be denied as a priestess of Selune stood before him.

Fog thickened about them uncertain the smoke or the moisture of the coming night filled the grassy field beyond Adrian's home. The Moon priestess did not falter calling fourth divine retribution even amongst Adrian's plea of disinterest in fighting. When nearly struck to death did Adrian call out her name. "Mother of Darkness and Night. Heed me of this grave insult to my family and I! I vow vengeance to all of Selune and those of slight! I have followed the compassion of your grace to give all wisdom and succor. Heed me oh Mother of primal forces grant to me with velvet eyes like your the gifts I so restrained and save me!"

That was all it too for the Selunite to call fourth a great light to smite Adrian as darkness enveloped him. Stumbling back into the foggy banks and down a crevice it seem he fell for years uncertain if he was among life or death. The ever churning of the mist and darkness swirling about him. When Adrian had awoken time had ravage his clothing and age had better defined him. Uncertain where, why, and when he came to Barovia was uncertain to him. Adrian was alive and he would vow to find a way back to his realm. Merely Adrian needed to survive this world and learn all he could of it.

Years passed attempts made, devastation by slights, and learning from survival has made Adrian Dundragon, Dracos von Nightscape, a renown doctor by some circles and by others a sought man of wisdom. But, deep with in a man researches everything and all to survive and one day return with the vengeance in mind. Among the macabre of studies Adrian desires above all the full research of all he can to his vantage. For in his faith as a clergy of the Avenging Mother is to abandon all hope. Seek no station higher than your own granted to you. If he was revered as a Doctor and more then it is so. All are his research all tools to exact vengeance and above all his escape and if Adrian can heighten himself in the process then it is a bonus to his hard work.

With his chivalric code and the code of his faith Adrian resumes the role as "Doctor" and to some more secretly "Wise man" for he knows those who seek power seek knowledge. Those that deny this knowledge deny power and thus deny their true self. For as much as the light preaches of good in this world Light is darkness and Darkness is Light. For in this dreaded realm it is those of darkness whom triumph and prosper.
"For Evil to win is for good men to do nothing."

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Re: Kindred Night - Adrian Dundragon
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Escape and Failure

*The passages seemed yellowed with age the old book it was bound to well cared for and tended. The Caligraphy was well drawn and stenciled with care and precession rarely marring with mistake.*

"How long ago my dream to return to Toril was my only motivation. Among the Silent Vistani I spend days studying their culture and personalities how they acted and reacted to strangers outside their culture. Imposing upon them only earned disfavor and their ire and few rarely gained proper favor or respect. They regarded me as a stranger but did not move me from their camp merely explained to my my ill fate. Their leader a Rauni is supposedly their elder. She is often the focal point and structure of their encampment."

"Vistani over all are secluded to their nomadic life of Caravan Wagons and yet the only individuality was to their solitary wagon often decorated with in differently and some times even their wagons outsides. Laziness was clearly not tolerated as each member held a role to play in the survival of the tribe. This went in hand with the dangers of the Mist and the foreign lands they traveled. I honestly admit among them the secrets of escaping this land were held but the prices from the stories of their dances and songs were often elaborated as costly."

"However I could not overlook the possibility of return and eventually venture to the outskirts. To my disgust the muddy bowl of outdoors was the closest commercial place for those like me. We are 'Outlanders' foreigners and refugees taken from the Mist and spawn here for whatever machinations had drove us to come here. Each tale the same of being consumed by mist, feeling lost, forgetful, amnesia, tragedy, and above all frustrated. Many weep to return home and others simply perish for foolishness. The night here was not safe filled with werewolves and other creatures hardy to this environment. The very biome of Barovia opposes outlanders as the laws and its people, Barovians, are highly superstitious sort afraid of magic and undesirably uneducated and non-scientific."

"In hindsight this gives me more to study to watch and follow this culture as well. Learning their structures, laws, and beliefs will aid in what I should not do. They are indeed simple folk and such folk are easily turned by charisma and the right words. Though sadly it will take time before I can fully understand their language which would benefit me a step ahead of most outlanders about. It is clear this Lance Corporal Rodica is the most hierarchy represented in the outskirts given the Burgomaster seldom comes to see the refugees."

*passage stained with some blood*

"Months passed I have grown more acquainted but by the word of a Barovian born I was whipped for supposedly with holding information. This slight is unforgivable but my immaturity to my once privileged life has only garnered me failure. I come to realize I must rework myself from the ground up from this day. My dignity exposed for the outskirts to see I refuse to be broken my determination boils in vengeance. Time will tell when my vengeance will occur and I will revel in it."

*passage seems older the ink faded.*

"I need to purchase more ink and the Barovian General Store over charges me. It is fine but it is most frustrating the Lathandarians, Morning Lordians, whatever they call have but one member I respect. Lauel who treats me fairly and does not scorn me for my faith or openness. She is educated to some degree and wise among her peers. Seems she has taken a liking to me in intellectual conversation and with the number of limited minds about the Outskirts I take this as a boon even though she is of the light. Her kindness to ask her brethren to limit their ridicules and assaults was a great boon. But, the hatred runs long into them."

"A year has passed and I have learned much of Barovia and its mystical and most secretive spots coveted. The knowledge to traversing this plane is radical and dangerous. I have convinced many like minds to return home would be treacherous and we work closely to prepare down in the Drain. A handful I would not trust with my life but their skills are needed and with out me none of this would be possible. As my goddess grants me protection from the negative we can traverse the Negative Plane back to our realms or at least to the rumored Shadowfell. From there we can return to our respective homes. We will succeed and we will find our way home I will avenge my family and ensure that Selune priestess suffers with my new founds powers and allies."

*Trembling hands scribe this passage after several months.*

"Failure the trip through Raduta traversing into the Negative Realm portal far below was utter failure. Half way through our trek to a deduced portal sight we lost two of our twelve person band. Even worst as we besieged the Bastille horrid land of the Negative plane creatures of the realm untamed and uncaring chased us at every turn. Even when we can find safe haven from the maelstrom of negative energies in small bastion or caves those not prepared or attuned to this plane perished quickly. Decisions to leave the dead left morale low. When we arrived to the portal sight the Magician and I prepared the portal and no sooner did we open it did we draw in denizens of the Shadowfell and we, already tired and weaken, presume to fight for our lives. Amongst us two fell and one of us in their greed to return home stepped through the portal with our bag of potions and medicinal. I know not if they survived or made it home but by my goddess I swore vengeance and curse them. Sadly Only the Magician and I survived the Ranger and Thief perished and I had no more means to raise the fallen. Half dead we took risk to step through a Mist path we found back and entirely near death we limped and wandered the Mist till we found Port Saint Lucine. It would be months before we recovered fully and all I could do was look over my plans over and over for failure and doubtingly it was my eagerness to and hope which I should not have of allies not prepared for such a trial. Damn you Kelvarius if you sleep comfortably back in your homeland of Krynn I pray the Dark Mother never gives you respite entering with out us and you yet live with the blood of those you left behind as a constant reminder. Never again will I try to escape my prison never again will I try such a perilous trek unless I am fully certain of success. Never again."
"For Evil to win is for good men to do nothing."

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Re: Kindred Night - Adrian Dundragon
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Spike of Banishment

*In the careful and elegant calligraphy written in the  pages one could admire slightly the careful and cautious practice of such timely work both in the lettering and the description.*

"Where does this one begin? When I met these two vagrants I was surprised to be already known as a healer with out question. I tended to any who were wounded both of duty and compassion. My time under the Drain had told me as there are many vagrants among these cast off Denizens of Calibans, Twists, Freaks, and Societies outcast there were also criminals. Down here I have served gang members, crime lords, and occasionally my old friend Radkov of the Red Vardo on businesses I will not scribe."

"Yet these two ambitious fools Simon and Boris came to me due to my reputation down here. Simon I had aided once a few days ago mauled by the alleged Giant Bat that attacked the Outskirts prior to the Cult of the rat Shaman that is now slowly taking place. Boris on the other hand always sought succor a Grim Trekking ambitious fool but even though ugly was a well thought and planned man. When I had tended there wounds that day I hardly could imagine the artifacts and relics they found as they ask me to study and inquire of them."

"In particular a spike of silver engraved with green filigree and decorated with curves and waves adorned with sprigs. The Seal at the head of the spike was peculiar but familiar to a prayer I could cast. It took me a few weeks to study it to discover the item is used in some ritual of Banishment. As they described to me where they acquired them in Raduta and with in certain corpses I could hardly imagine why such a barbaric cult like the Ezrites would go out of their way to not only defile the Body of an individual but the Soul as well."

"Days and weeks passed more as I had ask Simon and Boris to bring me works of the Ezrite Cult and I feverishly consumed myself into my work and study of their culture, belief, and mistakes. This cult of the mist of a person whom transcended mortality into deity is fascinating and perplexing. Clearly Ezra was self motivated and patronizingly a zealot in her own belief. A lot of the work she does and what is said by the various Sects contradicts constantly and if one were to gleam more would make you question the motive and solidarity of this self proclaimed church."

"However as the days went by my studies of the spike and its use became clearer and clearer. It was written in texts of old customs and passed down rituals. I had to venture with Boris and Simon down into Raduta a few times to read manuscripts carved into walls and stone tablets. But, it seems when one of the church of Ezra in the old days was blighted by the curse of the Legion they would perform a rite to not only desecrate the body but the magic/miracle of the prayer would also banish the soul from the body so it may rest and never brought into manifestation of its plagued body."

"As always differing stories and practices changed and even the spike was used on Legion to prevent the resurrection or return of some of the most foul of Legion, Night Creatures, and for some too strong for the Ezrites these would be used to, in sense, banish the target separating the soul or restraining the conscious of the enemy. It was clear in deeper reaches the practice upon sinners as well as vampires that such thing wouldn't simply put them in a Torpor but as long as the spike remained with in they would simply remain decaying and in an eternal slumber."

"Of course if the being was strong enough this would only prove to banish them for some time less removed or if the spike was not regularly maintained with its prayer the seal would eventually weaken and the being would be able to will them self back. Useful against things like Vampires and Demons some undead could literally be slain out right with these transcribed runes and the intensity of the spike's cleric."

"Clearly the stronger the cleric the stronger the Spike of Banishment. If properly transcribed and practiced this ritual would also make these into formidable weapons. However later texts I garnered during my studies found the practice was stopped due to the misuse of it on human beings and the cruelty it imposed. On a living being with a soul their soul would improperly banished from their body ripped through with out being able to return. Presumably I analyzed and considered the soul would wander the Astral or Undead planes. This sadly would make the soul victim to planar predators and if not eventually become a spirit of malice. They could not ascend to their Paradise or be damned to the Condemnation forced to wander the planes in limbo never to return to life or seek Judgment to their end. Once done there was no way one could rightfully correct this."

"So it seemed in the last chamber of the Eight spikes Boris, Simon, and I found far below Raduta I manage to keep five Boris and Simon kept one and later in life I would give Simon another due to a common interest of study with a friend. Still, far below I met an avatar of the negative plane I could not console it from its raving lost mind from the Negative plane but given my Faith I was able to ease its suffering long enough to understand that it too was a victim to the Ezrites misuse of this artifact."

"Boris may seem na´ve to such things of magic and divination but he knew something of significance with these spikes. And his partner Simon though intrigued didn't have as equal an ambition. Though I was never fully inducted into the Ratter's which I am thankful for as I prefer my ominous they did supply me with a impromptu lab and facility to study it and research in more detail. However both their own ambitions would draw them further from my research leaving me to my own devices with the meager facility they had left me."

"Though years would pass and I would lose track of them both my studies upon this artifact and the many investors interested in them did not stop all seeking to gleam something. The scribing or inscriptions on the spike is essential along with the filigree that derives from the head to the point. The Seal itself is gorgeous and transcribes the necessary steps and process to the functionality of the artifacts. I have even deduced and practiced in its altercation so I could place my own mark upon it and use it to my own ability. However I am not skilled in silver making or metallurgy and the design must be flawless to properly work or it will merely be a hunk of metal."

"After a few investors and their lack luster to finance or get me the things needed one investor brought me several books. I forget her name she was a incredulously pampered Dementlieuse woman suffering from fanaticism from occult learning. But, she was my backer then and at the time down in the Black Market the book of Rudolph von Richten upon the Created was inspiring and a strew pages of Lichdomy were also quite intriguing. This backer provided me with a strew of literature all I consumed knowingly. The most difficult was when I had to return to Vallaki and convince Simon in acquiring Bloodstone. The fabled use to trap souls with in is what began Boris rekindling of my work."

"Months to a year I found myself once again in Vallaki with Simon and Boris my backer in Port still unknown to them supplying me with ingredients and literature. I have accurately deduce the spikes can be crafted and a church's own seal can be made, It's original purpose can clearly be intended and it can banish. If used as an item it could be used as a powerful Banishment prayer however as intended if staked into the body of a target it will also banish a living soul from ever returning to its original body with no hopes of reuniting it. Upon things like undead, demons, neuri, and cursed creatures it simply will destroy them like a living being or put them in a sense of torpor or coma depending on their strength. even so a good use when such a creature is so dangerous and can not be slain out right."

"However though I could make my own Seals of Banishment it requires a very careful and well experienced craftsman of steel and silver gilding. Though the originals were made of silver this proved to soft a metal in actual combat or practical situations. I soon gleamed as long as the right gilded metal was aligned with the right transcriptions and design the spike worked as intended. Yet the proto-types lack the  strength of the originals further work with an expert craftsman and my own own strengths raised will be needed. Though my occult provider was more interested in using the spikes banishment in conjunction with bloodstone to ensnare victims. My later deductions and studies proved it could also be possible to alter the spikes to not only capture but transfer the soul to a new vessel."

"I must thank von Richten's work for these details and the Lichdomy manuscripts my provider supplied. The most difficult is placing the new soul into the body to make it a loyal servant as transcribed in some of von Ricthen's horrific tales. Sadly at the time my abilities were not as keen as they are now. And my further work with the last spike as I have sold the last one to Rory and given the other two too the Ezrites to ensure some complacency has limited me to mock proto types and unfinished work. Sadly Boris and Simon met untimely fates and my occult provider got herself executed by Gendermie. Given the Drow now I study I have further my study of the Spike of Banishment in hopes to replicate it for my own use as well as seeing if such a research could further my own faith. It has so much potential and so much to offer it would be a waste to not use it in a means to benefit in her name."
"For Evil to win is for good men to do nothing."

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Re: Kindred Night - Adrian Dundragon
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Spike of Banishment - Research and Studies

*Words are in a more recent calligraphy baring elegant and narrow designs to detail. It seems the writer is elated to his work.*

"Simply beautiful. My research further into the Spike has been ever so fascinating. Though mere hypothesis it is not undoubtingly possible to recreate the artifact in my own image. My Years and months of work studying the artifact was for not. I feel extremely foolish now for giving away this item and selling it to the Vardo. It is indeed extraordinarily a boon one the Ezrites fail to truly comprehend of its workings. Though I admit their misuse of it lead to controversy given their feeble dogmas they themselves hold an unprecedented key."

"By my Goddess with the one I have left I have sought the expertise of the Cunninghams and cannot believe they agreed. Truly they above all will be the most blessed on their wedding day. Avenging Mother be praised for through them and I will a work of your blessing shall be made. Though I am sure the Ezrites will feel defamed and appalled of my misuse of their artifact the application to this Spike of Banishment is unreal. By using the same method of inscription and blessing an augmenting the seal of Ezra to one of the Avenging Mother I can use such a relic to banish. It is similar to deconsecrating and expunging a soul. Truly beautiful."

"By changing the green sprigs and filigree to the Amythest and Obsidian filigree of the Avenging Mother I too can use the Spike of banishment to expung sinful souls from ever knowing paradise of their worship as well as condemn those wicked creatures of the mist. but this goes further than that. If my theories are correct Consecrated grounds or Desecrated grounds could be expunged as well. The only down fall is once the spike is set its forceful removal could have adverse effects. From the knowledge I collected if it were remove from a Vrolok of mass power it would reawaken if not be weakened. When applied to a Neuri it regained consciousness but was almost lethargic. Upon weaker subjects they simply are slain and never seem to be able to be raised back."

"Admittingly it does take quite a bit of strength to recharge it  but that is because I am forcing holy power into the artifact. The seal of Ezra rebukes me to some extent but its mundane practicality is apparent. Setting it in Shadow Fiend Ashes has weaken its protection but in an Ezrites hands and one knowing of the research it could be deadly. It is why I must get Conner and his wife Ivory to create replicas in the scripts, seals, and filigree of the Avenging Mother. The ritual itself is taking me some time to decipher and augment and if my goddess accepts this I will need a test subject perhaps one some of my associates will agree upon."

"The spike itself contains a powerful Banishment prayer but its augmentation through the inscriptions still resound in my mind. ("Let all before the Guardian of the Mist be destroyed. For those whom would sin and join the Legion hold no place of joy or damnation.") It is almost as if they ritualistically invoke a prayer of Banishment and Word of Faith to a specific cause or trigger. Undoubtingly I will need to invoke my own words and a process in order to recharge a spike if not in proper use. Let alone an expert crafter to make them. Though I do grow concern of the augmentation capability I do not think my research is through enough. However if done being capable of trapping a soul into a Bloodstone by altering the inscription of Banishment to said stone would provide a prison for the worst of enemies."

"But, if this too were to be misuse I will need to consider an application of transfusion. Such as some fool using it for pettiness and kills another trapping them in the stone. The prayer and process would be ritualistic and if the body is indeed in tact they would have to deal with a stake of silver implanted into their chest. Though the application of taking a soul and putting it into a doll or a golem may also be a beneficial aspect in saving lives and bodies trifling damage beyond belief. Though some may question this aspect but that is not for them to consider for science and saving lives should not be limited to the moralistically na´ve. Soon as once these are made I will have the necessary components to further this research and enter the next phase of my beloved renewed project."
"For Evil to win is for good men to do nothing."

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Re: Kindred Night - Adrian Dundragon
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Study of Athas

*The calligraphy seems more recent and quite robust. It is clear the subject interests the writer as he began his notes and recollections.*

"It seems fortune favors me in this new life. The altercations to my personality and the changes I have adhere to with people about me has garnered me some renown. I admit first after slight to lady Emerald and my fore warning of her actions I presumed her character poorly. It seems more of a characteristic flaw then simplistic stupidity. But, studying her culture with Athas and the environment of her world has brought insight to her mental structure and upbringing. So I have to reconsider a proper apology although I fear such rash and blunted behavior may line them up with problems some day in the near future."

"Athas has intrigued me in that its world is a harsh desert like environment per my patient's knowledge with equally savage fauna and flora. Many creatures share some psionic connection to the world as do its people. When she had approached me concern of injuries when she prayed I thought it disfavor of her deity but the structure of Athas faith is far different than our own. Their kings albeit mortal to some degree are unique beings with almost god-like powers. This stems from the deep psionic power and magic, presumably, they possess. The structure none who wield power not bestowed by their King is clear as alien and viral giving them the title of defiler to their world."

"By their laws any and all who possess power with out a King's blessing is adherent a rogue or evil to a world. As such Sorcerers are considered Defilers and by hypothesis any possessing any sort of innate power would be deemed so a threat to their world and the rule of King's. The bond between King and their many servants seem to range from low to high and base upon this bond their clergy are the most bestowed having in essence to be closest to god or King in this matter. It may even go as far those closest to their King could necessarily be bestowed power through their bond as an Avatar to a deity which is most fascinating above all this transfer of power."

"The bond my patient describes seems absent given the location we are in the Dread Realm possibly leagues away from Athas. However though she can function mundane miracles it seems the higher miracles causes her some harm or self infliction. This may be due to the extreme absence of her bond and King and reaching out for such a power may cause her undue side effects as some suffer similar when their bond of their faith is so far away. This is similar to some Clerics who suffer feeling the tie to their deity waning or very distant causing a mental break down or concern of spiritual well being. This however appears to be a more physical manifestation given her determination in her King is resounded by her sheer will. This also garners if such will also afflicts other worshippers of deities which allows them to still use their abilities in this Realm of Dread."

"Needless to say I have limited accessibility to psionics and my studies pushes me to survey and observe the Alhoons and Mind Flayers. There are some books and word of mouth about psionics and it helps to some degree to understand the bond between two targets. However, the lack of material trials makes this more of hypothesis and than a determination. Though I have offered her medicines and cautions it is over all up to her to take the risk and for her to become powerful. Though I am curious if she herself will be a King in this world for others of Athas. Incidentally I have some theoretically suggestions of Dragons and other beings but we shall see."

"Though I must Lament knowing the fact some of her King's are Psionics and Dragons of such ability is concerning. One with such power to be loose upon the Core would be devastating as very few things could prevent psionic attacks except for well prepared spells and prayers. With this in mind it is good to know my friend has sought a Mentor but I will need to check on her periodically. Some say a broken bond of psionicism can lead to mental deterioration or hallucinations. Others have recommended suggestions and I thought maybe a bond with one of the Half Dragons would work best but given the reaction to one of them I think such a thing would need to be cautiously monitored as it seems most of the half dragons here are abusive or typically incapable of other thoughts than their own."

"Regardless I will have to reconsider some evaluations and consider other options. Hopefully my patient will avoid certain places as I fear Hazlan may be similar to her world if not harsh given the structure of Hazlan. Athas semi-class base rule govern by a solid entity is intriguing but fairly limiting as individuality may seem opposing to their way of life and thus their King. So I wonder how elated or confused my patient is with being here so far away from her own? She pursues her goal of becoming stronger and I wonder how far will she go? How much abuse will her body and mind take before it deteriorates? I can only pray and wonder if this ally will come on top and not fall to an ill fate."

"Needless to say the various life styles of Athas people from lowly Shepard to Templar is intriguing it seems each class and person has a role to play to the sustainability of their culture all for an individual mortal entity that is almost god-like. I wonder if random adventurers from other lands would consider this evil? If Vallaki proves a good model of example surely some fool would try to over throw this King inconsiderate to the ideology of these people and how integral they are dependent to this bond. I may need to research this more to ensure others like my patient do not suffer some trauma or tragic mental break down. Others may lack the will as my current patient and she would make a key role model and ambassador of her people if more arrive. I will have to consider more towards my Clinic and Church at this point as I doubt other such tenuous courts would even consider this role or my patient with out subterfuge or conversion to faith."

"For Evil to win is for good men to do nothing."

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Re: Kindred Night - Adrian Dundragon
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Study of the Drow

*The words seem to be written in bolder calligraphy the lettering seeming forced or quick. The pages seem more recent and lack age to them. A more exuberant out look to this study clearly seen in the quick writing*

"Where to begin? In Toril, Faerun by some, there is tale of a being so horrible so evil they stem the fears with in nightmares. Drow the long abandon and tossed aside elvish race of Corellon father of elves. I choose to avoid the long story of the elvish culture of Corellon and Lolth as the Queen of Spiders holds a reputation of terrifying legend among those of the surfaces of my former world. Though a slight recap she was once Mother of all Elves, Araushnee,  before some tragedy occur and the ilk of her kind and she were toss into a great abyss."

"Seldom Drow are willing to speak of their culture or faiths as the main domain of culture is surrounded by Lolth faith and thus any doing so would be seen as traitorous. However thankfully this is not Toril and some have offered insight to this forbidden and frightening life of the Drow. The word its self instills fear and yet for me it seems an insult by Elves and Surface folk. I had come across a word with an old Earth friend and he referred to Drow in a most sensuous way, Svarte, I feel this is more romantic and powerful to call them and rightfully so given the lore and forgotten days. As it seems only those of good degree of culture are deserving of it I feel and maybe the spread of the word may insight them to their old ways once again."

"Ironically speaking with a former Lolthite gone Eilastreen she spoke in fury and contempt of Lolth and those who worship her as depravity to a once great race squandering their potential. I quoted her speaking that Lolth merely is a depraved mother who does not want to be alone thus pits her children against each other and holds them hostage in her home. Bold words for one of Eilastree but the extent of religious feud and persecution would be a waste to explain and a whole different subject in matter. She did provide ample knowledge before her unknown and untimely demise sadly I believe I know who done so but it is of littl consequence."

"By those whom I spoke all agree the Church of Lolth is the most evil to be known in the Under dark. Though Barovia lacks such a structure beneath it there are an assortment of tunnels and caverns the denizens of the Underdark could inhabit if it were not that it would be like their ancestors once more scouring these dark reaches as frontier and there is sadly too few of them to immerse such a goal. Omission garners me a gleam that many may fear Lolth and Drow but many equally would not hesitate to gain her favor or those who serve her in hopes to raise their own station of power and much like a church it has begun to seem many convert to one house and one faith."

"The female society of Drow is Matriarchy in which females, especially mothers, have the central role of political leadership, moral authority, and control of property, with highest regard for those of clerics of Lolth and those whom are Head of House and in favor of Lolth. As there is no such structure and Matriarchy readily here with the exception of an unknown it is up to the various women of such to govern, convince, force, and put the fear into those who would wander into the Mist Lands with Drow blood. As it stands unlike the Monarchy most worlds are accustom to these women of Svarte nature and see they are not trifled by the weakness of love or dis-empowerment. They hold an heir of superiority and to some of them it is a dangerous boon as well as an equal downfall to fail much like their male counterparts in Monarchy."

"All positions of Lolth lived Drow are always held by females. Males are subservient and thus hold few prestigious titles less specifically for male or in favor of their Jalil or Yathrin. A Drow female of a house or power tends to have several Jaluk's that cater and serve often serving as body guards or menservants if there are any at all to serve. Otherwise captured slaves that are tortured or broken tend to serve the role of services never garnering more a position than servant. Though Males often hold some malice to their force servitude many comply mostly of fear under a Lolth Female. This maybe stems that the male Elf Father Corellon was the one who cast them down and in accordance with Lolth males are to be subjected to domination. Perhaps to avoid a repeat or simply out of an ageless spite either way the female control is clear and even extends to other males of non-Drow heritage where applied. Having bare witness to this personally I find it refreshing, exhilarating, and some times trifling boring as its like two minds of similar thought confront needlessly."

"Of the most notorious rivals to Lolth Drow especially of the clergy is that of Sehanine. Sacrifices of tortures, surface folk, or faithful Drow are fine but enemies of Lolth and those closest to Corellon are favored most. Having witnessed a ceremonial self affliction of wounding and pain in reverence to Lolth was astoundingly insightful yet brutal. Admiring the devotion is something to respect to some degree though it seems penance for half Drow is usually death or complete devotion to a house or Lolth if permitted to live. I have not yet seen what one does to a true enemy but having listened to many others it is indeed a gruesome and utter defamation of the very body and soul. Mayhap I will be privilege to watch one of these though be sure to safeguard myself from being victim to such."

"Araushnee is seldom called by her true name and many Lolthites would not dare or even recall her true name. My time studying various books and learning from word of mouth of several Elvin folks I had almost forgotten this name myself. I doubt many Drow recalls her true name or even dare invoke it knowing the fury of Lolth as it stands. Her Clergy seems to promptly understand her use of fear and that love and respect are meaningless given the history of Araushnee and Corellon. Exceedingly it is convert or be destroyed among them though with so few present in the Mist Lands I wonder if any would be wise to their limited resources. Either way it is fascinatingly an interesting faith where words do not apply but the breaking of body and spirit releases the individual into absolute devotion. Though a mixture of fear and subjugation if one was made to be devoted and intact they could be made in to worthy instruments yet I fear it is a cudue means to such a result as there is no insurance their mind and free will will not rebel with out absolute devotion."

"Drow Houses are far and few and if there is even one among us in these lands I am sure its reign to remain the only one or at least the strongest is already cemented. By one's words it is prominent that each house has a religious alter of Lolth which is intriguing and fearsome meaning at least if one was foolish enough to invade them there would be one reasonable cleric to handle with. Overall Lolth Drows tend to be the most ferocious and cunning perfecting the art of cruelty, trickery, deceit, and above all fear among their own and others. Their culture strongly consists of their Deity and revolves and breathes of it with out question. Though many would think me mad for even considering investigating and studying I find this absolute devotions and structure beautiful as all know their place and know what they must do. However it does sadden me the waste of potential and life the needless decimation of ones own race especially here in the Core. Albeit only the strong and fearless survive with they current circumstances now in these foreign misty lands such ways will not lead to a long preservation."

"Aside from Lolth some Drow speak of other deities of the Underdark one some fear as Ghaunadaur. Some sort of bestial entity with the machinations of being worship by cultists of Drow an Aboleth which surprise me. But, this particular Drow only spoke of seeing such things though they never them self worshiped such a insane thing. He spoke in some of the deepest parts of Menzoberenzen one would see a few preaching or minding there own and always fore warned to meddle with them was to lead to a gruesome and untimely death. His encounter was in the open watching a friend's partner butchered in the middle of the street for some affront before eight of these cultist with knives skinned and fillet the male."

"Another teased me of my faith of the Avenging Mother and lured me to a conversation of a Drow goddess other than Lolth which surprised me. Kiaransalee a Drow female deity of Vengeance and Dead from another land. It sadden me such a thing would of course be necromantic but its lure for Vengeance of life was intriguing. This female Drow spoke of her swift and cruel revenges to those that would slight her and her own. Drow culture with this deity seems  uninteresting as most of them are secretive and hide among Lolth cities exacting revenge on those whom would slight their deity and worship. They often raid the corpses of fallen to re-animate the corpses to create legion known as Vengeance Hunters which is interesting. These creatures are similar like Revenants yet weaker as once destroyed they do not raise back and merely have so long before deteriorating."

"Once more my faith is questioned and yet a kindred spirit of the Night sought me. This Drow surprised me of their tale of a Masked Drow deity of the Night. Vhaeraun a deity of grudges and cannot bare slights I almost wonder with all these deities of vengeance why was I not born Drow? Then again I would not be so privileged if so to do my work. Astonishingly the clerics of this faith are mostly male and passively oppose Lolth which is surprising. Apparently they are the deity of Lolth's son between she and Corellon. Indeed and it seems from my paid informant many half Drow worship this deity. The culture is secretive and mainly work upon the surfaces which would actually be beneficial in these type of lands. It is a shame there are not more of these type of Svarte I may need to research more into them."

"Though not uncommon there is a known good align Drow society of the faith of Eilastree. Daughter of Lolth and Corellon it surprises me the tragedy of this tale between once Elvin lovers. She is depicted as a nude female Drow dancing along a silvery moon light night and wield a bastard sword in hand. Their society are often Drow formerly of Lolth or evil Drow pantheons who seek the surface and good alignment. They are often to themselves and have a hard time welcoming outsiders not of the faith in fear of their enemies. They seem allied with Selune and Mystra which is a bit saddening but needless to say they behave much differently than Lolth Drow."

"Eilastreens are seldom given credit or credence from surface folk and this was clear given the few who arrived in Vallaki. How sad an opportunity to study them to find them quickly outmatched and outnumbered in this land of mists. They are ritualistic and pertain to many festivals. Ironically culture among them is of peace and love in the exception of battle against evil. They often try to offer succor which I admire and yet sadly see this hopeful culture merely as that of a child desiring to be loved. Hopeful, a wasteful emotion, and yet its quaint romanticism is an intriguing tale and one opportunity will allow me to gleam into further."

"The diversity of this culture in writing is sparingly and a deep further research is needed. I see now much like the various elvish folk and the rich in depth culture Drow are similar and not always singular. I am eager to meet with some of my contacts and learn more. Rituals, dining, behaviors, all this is so fascinating and I do miss her. She who has given me such work to study I am elated to see her again and maybe further my studies. A shame her potential is so grand and yet so limited maybe she will surpass these feeble threads of silk and be more in this prison of a realm."

*words etched in simple writing below and beside these pages as if they were cliff notes.*

Jaluk = Drow Male

Jalil = Drow Female

Rivvil = Derogatory to Surface person

Jabress = House Maiden or a Station of leadership below the head of house

Valsharess = To one over all in a house and or city

Vendui e Jailil = A proper formal greeting to the Drow Female you are visiting or patron to as host

Aluve e Jalil = Farewell my Mistress or in recognition of your host

Vre' ekar = Some kind of slang or foul language to denote displeasure or being displeased. I need to research this if only to make certain.

Sal' ladin = A word long forgotten but spoken as referance to announce Savior if the Drow language even still has such a word given it is ancient.
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Re: Kindred Night - Adrian Dundragon
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Darkest Heart

Darkest Heart

*The Journal is written in a manner of elegance in caligraphy its pages hand drawn with curls and waves elegantly drawn black roses.*

I cannot begin to ponder how this came to transpire. I once felt the odd sensation of the word elaborated as "Love" with the Mulan woman Emerald. She was coy and intelligent upon our first meeting thanks to Yolven Nait a very crafty man we spent a day at the Fig together in privacy. I wanted to learn more of Yolven Nait to see if I could use him as an asset in Port but instead it was Emerald I learned more of.

Caramel kissed skin from days of traveling in the sun and born in the sun gave her rather alluring presence. With full red lips and veil that mask her face one can say the mystery and intrigue of her persona could cause any man interest. However for me it was deeper it was her intellect her intrigue of me and acknowledgment of my wisdom that would change me to the man I am today to inspire me and renew my ambitions.

I could have stayed in the room as we ate and spoke her sharing of her culture spurred my interest of cultures to be better understand a person. Her description of Hazlan and how the Rashemi and Mulan treat another was fascinating. Though I was more a cautious creature then due to my past and far more subservient she enjoy the ideals and wisdom I offered upon her dilemma and troubles.

As a Doctor she toy and teased me into offering her foot massage given her long travels. I admit it caught me off guard as she turn the conversation towards me and I could not help explain my sorrows my lost. Emerald was a Bard and her resonance to her art and my story pulled her to understand my sorrows in trying to survive this world and be a shadow ridiculed and maimed.

How sad such a joyous day was met with the Borcan Peiro to accuse me of breaking the law with out evidence and the irony my old nemesis Jean Renault would be present. To try to force me to a false dual it disgusted me how such a joyous day of meeting a rather unique and alluring intellect ended in my removal of Port to avoid unnecessary conflict with the Gendermie. How tragic the irony though for it would be some time I see Emerald again let alone find that the man for the cause of my departure was also the kindling fire to my new life. A shame I could not thank him knowing he is missing and gone I hope by my slight he suffers as I did then and know some day a better life.

It was in this time I met Eden and Lysanther Shadowmantle two souls who both given me insight into becoming the man "The Doctor" I am today. I cannot begin to thank them both for their succor and for showing me the confidence with in me. For them I would spare them the darkness for them I would allow a single gratitude. My Goddess values secrets and they kept mine and they have offered me many. They gave me growth along with Eden's acquaintance Jaenin whom were not for his firm hand and advice I would not learn the value of networking and be renewed.

It was then after months reinvigorating my image as "The Doctor" aiding individuals not in the light of good or kindness. No this is what they believe what they accept and that is all they should consider. I do this out of duty and to myself to my goddess and my ambitions. I do not hope and I clearly never will for hope is the wishes of fools for things to happen than making it so. And thus by my hands I made events and situations to my favor to further my ambitions and interests be it political, cultural, scientific, magical, or divine I will see to my ambition of my people and my land come true and will not be denied again as before.

And it is these few months past I met her. Jalil Xhaeli a drow with ambition and in need of guidance but deep with in is a potential some seem to overlook she has ambition and she is not afraid. However she has much to learn in this world filled with light. Quickly she was aware in my attempt to mold her aware of my interest in taking her under my wing. The Subservient role of the Doctor tending to the newly went so far but she accepted being my charge and she accepted my aid thinking she could break me.

In some way she has and in other ways she could not. As much as she tried to convince me this faith of the Spider Queen I am to educated and to in touch of the events about me to be so fooled. And yet those dark lips and ebony skin fascinate me her behavior, culture, and forbidden beauty alluring that I my fascination got the better of me. So I had to recover myself and tempt her with forbidden fruits and promises to ensure her nature was placated.

It was by her I learn more of the Dhaerow than any surfacer can truly comprehend and one must admit their nature of cunning and deceit was a valuable lesson to learn and utilize myself. And it is Xhaeli that I favor the most out of the House for my encounter with their Yathrin amazed me and equally disappointed me. Ulli'val or some pronunciation of it was impressive and equally not. Her temper was very clear from the fables and text books of drow and rightfully so as she attempted to successfully hold her house and only her house for the past year.

And yet for this achievement of survival and the few numbers she possessed it is clear there are some errors to correct. The fact she became so well known and as equally renowned among the Cores heroes and people of light sickening me. She had advantages and may still do if she can keep her house in order. I have on four occasions subverted disaster to her house on my behalf as Xhaeli and Volkantir prove to be an asset to my studies.  But, the Yathrin is cunning and if her bond with the Spider Queen holds true as foolish as I believe her to be she is equally dangerous.

It is in this small amount of cunning have some respect. Not out of fear and not out of acknowledgment at her self entitlement. For if I chose to hide myself from her faith and worship the Spider I probably would have earned her ire a surfacer who would have given Lolth much for this world. For as it stands my Goddess loves me truly and has given me much both in power and in boons. For the currency of Secrets holds power over all being and none who wish their secrets told shall ever be cowed in the truth of them.

And yet... the days I spend with Xhaeli entice me, allure me, this drow inspires me much like Emerald did but in a more darker way a more natural way that I feel balance in myself and each day we spend learning from another the more empowered I am to see my ambition true. For with her I swore upon our bond we will elevate each other and in this shall we make pursuit. Let the House think her a fool allow them to toss her aside. For a true leader simply does not seek the perfect tool they must mold it, craft it, embolden it and thus they can wield it. for a leader to be followed they must inspire the ambitions in the heart and soul and thus they will follow.

That is my Darkest Heart to see those I chose to follow me in truth and in secret for when the time arrives for my ambitions to be true I will not be a lonely shadow. We will be a darkness none shall desire to traverse a cabal of denizens of the night and dark where we may be free of the light and its cursed foolish notions of right in a land of mist and wickedness. It is not the realms we once came from this is the Realm of Dread and it is the strong and ambitious who survive. For if the light can walk over the lives of another to rise so why cannot the dark?
"For Evil to win is for good men to do nothing."

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Re: Kindred Night - Adrian Dundragon
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Council of Five

upon the writing of this piece it is elegantly scripted in calligraphy and the work seemingly clear in its earliest phases.

"Presented here today is an opportunity. One we have had in thought for some time that may be real and to others perhaps not. Among the diversity of many elvish cultures there has been considered a ruling class of Elvin Lords and in some cultures there has been not. Here among those of elvish descent and those allies before you I present to you that those days have past us as we foreigners to the elves of this Realm of the Core have been given safe haven and permitted under the Marquess of the Seelie Court refuge. We among the many outlanders and foreigners have an opportunity of equality one rare and few under our gracious Hostess of Degannwy so as to levy the burden and unnecessary confrontations that have escalated among our people we must come together."

"To remove oppression and rule we must recognize the many cultures of leadership this Council of Five will represent to be formed by Alderman not Elvin Lords but chosen of the people. For we are a Senate of people by the people and thus only hold Census on behalf of the people we represent under us and those who seek us to speak for them on their behalf. With this new laws and new rules must be in place to promote fairness and equality among all the elvish races and cultures. Though we are all different we are all same in our interest to unite for let us not make the mistakes of our parents and the parents of deities and enter ushering a new age and era for Elvin kind."

"Elves by nature from Drow to High Elf are naturally honorable it is in our nature to hold to our word regardless of circumstance. We do not recognize the rule of other races yet we however respect them as guests. We are an honorable race we do not commit to petty crimes or terrorism and those that do so should not only lose face among their people it is by the elvish people that person should be kept in check and given to the appropriate authorities of a nation if their laws are broken as we expect our laws to be equally upheld. For a blemish on one elf is not merely a blemish on them but to the whole of Elvin kind and such dishonor should not be allowed to mark us all. Nor should we be unjust and not hold fair trial by the people to determine the crime and fairness of punishment."

"We are at one with our nature not merely nature itself from the Moon Elf who worships the moon, to the Drow who worship the Spider, From the Sun elves who worship the Light, any and all preservation of culture is important for losing our nature is to lose being an elf. However with a new age also comes new change and we must not only respect our diversities we must also equally change them to better understanding and better acceptance. Old Hatreds and Old Rivalries do not exist in this realm for they were never born here except in the hearts of those who cannot let go. Thus we must forge uncanny alliances and begin new trends if we are to better ourselves as a people as a whole."

"As for voting upon our council we shall at minimum have three Alderman and must have five. There must always be an odd number of Alderman to ensure ties can be broken and no side is favored less the Alderman abstains. In this shall the council convey again to vote and upon the third time shall the people then vote into decision till it is unanimous. As such every child and adult is allotted one vote to decision be it for elected Alderman or in the decision making process where allowed. For it is the people and as the people do we serve each other. Thus no Alderman can vote for them self or for each other to avoid favoritism. Any attempt to dissuade or bloat the ballets of voting will be seen as the highest crime of Traitor and the individual cast out of society."

"Each and every elf is entitled to their opinion they need not agree or accept this. However they must respect the decision of the Council and the peopel they represent as it is a decision by the people and for the people through Consensus and to ignore them as a whole is to ignore your kind.  As an intelligent race may decisions be done through logic and not through uncontrolled emotions even if the decision is not fair it must the be the right course and a smart one. As such an Alderman is considered a noble position among the people and as an Alderman one must be flawless, with succor, intelligence, and compassion to all elvish people. Those who abuse, misuse, or mar there position thus rebuke the people and thus should be shunned by our society and never permitted a position of notoriety ever again till a Council is convinced of their redemption."

"In this new society, every elf is equal. Men, women, children, elderly, each is entitled to their opinion including the Marquess our humble hostess. However, we must hold bias to expertise and experts of matters held by those with experience. As Marquess she rules the elves of Degannwy and her laws of her people are hers alone to decide as we are guests among her land so we need not adhere to them if we do not wish but merely respect them as is expected any elf visiting any host of a nation. And thus we as the Council of Five do not expect any of Degannwy to follow our decision nor expect to impose them or be imposed upon in respect and fairness."

"Given of expertise and those who obtain it we as elves must respect the fact a seasoned veteran of battle is far more knowledgeable than a newly misted who has yet to face the horrors. It is by right and recognition by the people to vote for said elf to obtain a title or honorific as such an elf's expertise in specific matters undoubtedly is crucial to the Council and betterment of our people. As such in example a master of war is better suited to Council of War than some one who has little to no experience as a mage would be expected to explain that of magic more so than that of medicine of a doctor. Thus the people will decide of title and thus the barer of said title will be consider a Wiseman of their expertise to advise those of the Senate in matters of specific for the people. The title of Wiseman does not grant anymore honor, empowerment, or privilege much like an Alderman but is considered an honor and as like an Alderman any mar of action that would dishonor their position or title place will have it revoked if found guilty after Censure by Council."

"The most precious treasure of the nation of elves is our children. Be they half blood or true blood it does not matter for they are the rarest of gifts and should not be ostracized regardless of origin. Any elf born is a sacred treasure among the people as we are not from this natural realm are rare and few. Thus whether out of wedlock or not be it from tragedy or choice all children born or adopted under this Council has its protection. Any who would endanger or oppose may state their voice but will never strike down a child protected by the people and to do so warrants banishment from this community if not death for innocents."

"Marriage is unofficial as we have no true governing body. Your preference of coupling and faith is for you to decide in private. Yet, if the couple desires the blessing of the Council and desires it to be recognize among all elves no less than One Alderman must attend the wedding and give speech of such a joyous occasion. For elves marriage is rare and sacred and regardless of our origin we take pride in the joining of families. Our long Heredity allows us to grow in ways far exceeding those of our origins and past as an Elvin family's bond is like silk strong and gentle so we must do well to avoid placing stain to ruin the fabric that is our future. So we must preserve all families and ensure that the only thing to separate them is natural death."

"As Alderman should ever a time of War fall upon us all Elvin people are treated equally. Should we the Council be needed so shall we need the people. No house or Family shall be forced to war or sacrifice their children in a cause they do not believe or are to afraid to do so. Those willing and those requested should be consider for the effort of war. Let no station or title prevent the people of proper defense for we are equals. We encourage the most experience and the most willing to fight for in war there is no place for cowardice or dissension for the defense of the people is the responsibility of all elves. Thus let no age or gender be discriminated, let no ally of race who chooses to stand by the elvish people be discriminated, and let us not discriminate among ourselves of ethnicity or origin. Let us treat all elvish prisoners with the succor of the people and let us not be cruel. For when justice comes their death will be quick and painless for when they move on they will remember the compassion of the Elvin people regardless of their malice so they may be conflicted in their afterlife and perhaps find redemption if not turmoil in their own hell in conflict."

"We are grateful and beautiful. We are strong minded and wise. We are intelligent and compassionate. We are the people of elvish kind and we are the future of those who will come after us becoming a beacon that lights the way not through hope. But, through structure and logic through our compassion for each other and our succor for our people. We are the elves of the Mist and we are not going to make the mistakes of the past as we shall learn of them to better our future."

*notation of a work in progress
"For Evil to win is for good men to do nothing."