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The Hunter - Sacred Bloodlines
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The Hunter - Sacred Bloodlines

Seventh Month, Fourth Day

Alone in the woods Alan reflected in a tree out of sight writing in a small leather bound green leaf book. Watching the on goings of various people passing by and the elves that left Degannwy only offered slight if mild interest but not enough to stop him writing. Lately his thoughts lead him to write about what had been transpiring in his heart and the odd fire kindled by an odd source.

"Domenico Foscari of the Long Death, formerly a man who murdered Garda for whatever damn reason with firearms. Not that claiming his bounty would be worth wild. The sought of men for riches never appealed to me. but, it was odd when he came to my life. I had always pride myself as letting myself appear and be the Fool or the Weak things compare to others. I preferred it this way as I later in my life in the Core realized it was simply easier to let people have these assumptions so I can do what I needed with out problem."

"But, to my surprise this man alone seemed to identify me as the strongest of Ezra and the most likely to be a threat. It was odd and yet gratifying to find some one who saw pass my illusion. Even I after all this time bought into my own cowardice and falsehood. I have kept it up so much since my days with Zachary Dalensbane I consider it just my cloak. Now I see it as a part of my skin but no more. Domenico made me realize how much I held myself back and limited myself through fears and doubts. It took a possible enemy to realize my true value and to remind me why I chose this path."

"Though I am sadden now to have lost our duel realizing there were so many tactics I could have used to defeat him I am glad our honorable duel ended as so. In long hindsight winning would of just provided more headache and possibly more visitations from the man. Dreadfully I admit I been very lazy about getting myself involved. Yet, these drams, stories, tragedies, all have in common that that the common person will quickly act rather than see all avenues and its there that I find myself disliking people."

"I have hermitize myself aside from my closest family. Tinu and Beatrice whom I love dearly. We're it not for them my moral compass would be long gone. Still Domenico of the Long Death and I are an odd rivalry/friendship. I have no words to describe it other than we have a firm understanding. The man bested me squarely and I was merely using two whips not even of special make and I injured him badly. Truly had I taken it seriously and used my vials of venom and assorted tricks it may have made the fight one sided. Hell I could of drawn a pistol on him but knowing a firearm fight would just draw attention was notable."

"Still his words haunt me and made me realize I am better than most my Ezran brothers and many about. My true talent stems in my investigating skills and the happens to discern rumors into partial truths to leads. This is what Domenico feared or was concern most to keep me from the Drain as per our agreement. It is clear those of the drain really do not know how to keep a low profile with the exception of that little halfings Wolf and the female in black clothing. Wolf gives me the most trouble to spot and I have to really be on my toes to catch him. I think he enjoy pestering me but its just the same I leave him odded with my antics."

"Granted as of late there are so many Legion I can't keep up. I still don't believe myself a Hero. Looking back I hope Zachary is living in peace as I begin to understand more and more of this world. All these proud and would be hunters so quick to the hunt and eager to boat makes my skin crawl. I fear many of them are the first to die and the fact there is an institution in Port intrigues me. However I've not worked with people before and it be odd to now even working with Tinu proves challenging for me. I guess I'm use to being alone. I tend to often be in this in fear of dragging others into these dark depths."

"Still Domenico was right he saw through me a potential one I chosen to deny for so long. Not anymore, I begun to renew my training and in hope refine my hunting skills. I even begun to try to teach an ezrite how to hunt Legion. Though between my training and my own reflections I'm not doing her too much Justice. I may simply write hand books for the church and others perhaps this knowledge would benefit others. Observation is a key vital component to my work to exploit and prepare for all sorts of altercations."

"Although I worry of Beatrice and Tinu after my niece's dis-ownership to the family. I honestly think there is a better way to resolve such a dispute. But, I'm the non-existant uncle so I don't expect my niece to welcome my opinion with open arms. Frankly the both of my sister's views clash and it worries me how much Beatrice values her beliefs and rules. But, given what I know how can she not its in her nature and raising. Same with Tinu, she can't help her raising or background. So for both of them not only do I have to become stronger in my craft and arts as Alan a person must be stronger too when especially the strongest people I know need a shoulder to cry upon."

"Were Domenico a different man not push to the path he is now. I believe he would have become a great man. Not good mind you. but, a voice and leadership some would admire. The more I do research upon him the more I realize like many he is a tragedy of this worlds wrongs and injustices. Yet I do not mind as rivals to be of equal standing in this kind of business we do. In fact the more I know of him the more I hope to cross paths again. Though I don't think I can take his life or a persons. Maybe near death but outright murder isn't for me as people can change."

"Legion, however, sadly there is little choice in that. I had found the fortune to come across sentient Legion that I spoke for long time and gleamed much to the background of their change and tragedies. From Gwen my former lover whom hated Zachary with a passion and became a cursed Death Singer whose sought for vengeance was her own undoing. Hell Varga's mom vampire that was oddly informative and the meeting were well informed of vampirism though being thought of as a chalice as a price was uncomfortable. Ezra's tiny skirt I even had chats with a werewolf girl who explained her struggle to contain the Fury with in."

"I honestly need to write these down into memoirs or hand books. I'm repeating myself but because of that man Domenico my fires rekindled and I need to catch up to this new age of faces and evils. Balance needs to be maintained not only against the Legion but the fools who would go stirring shit in the night who provoke these horrors in the name of a god or stupidity. Honestly who goes and disturbs a known sight of the Headless Horseman and consecrate an already resting ground. For crap sake why do drows think they can get away unnoticed in the most popular of places?!"

"Chaos this world is utter chaos and frankly I don't mind its what keeps this land from being boring and dreary. Though I said I retire from the information work seems people come to me or in some cases drop things before me. It causes me aches at the level of how unprepared some are or how blatantly obvious people are. Some are merely unappreciative of me and inconsiderate of the boons I possess and I see why Domenico insists I am better. Hell if he fought the Brood Queen of Dragons and won easily with me injuring the man badly I had a lot more potential than I thought."

"So I won't waste this second chance. I'll keep these writing as a reminder and stick to degannwy working upon my works. I need to improve my bowyer work and keep an eye on things there for now. Maybe I'll learn more and write more in some peace and quiet. If only Mishandra's flunkies weren't so obvious though. Ah well what can you do when your cute and have an authoritarian complex. At least I'm no longer bored and who knows maybe even the Ezrites will finally evolve Val and Mihri are looking prosperous. Even Owen seems less grouchy though sure he still wants to skewer my butt he's so fun to antagonize some times though."

"So far I count Nine Legion, Group of Drow and half drow plus races, skew of murders, and typical outlander in fighting. Guess this time I won't be so bored or scarred to stick around. Though maybe I need more information so Tinu doesn't shake me again. For a tiny Elf she has strong hands and I really don't want to go through that "Alan did you learn Bane Bow yet?" speech again. It's not like its happening over night. Though I'm oppose to bounties its going to have to happen if I'm going to convince Maribel for a firearm license in Barovia especially with the way crime and evil are afoot these days. Uh, dear diary how I hate having to work hard."

~Alan Hunter
"For Evil to win is for good men to do nothing."