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⚜ Fraternité de Liberté ⚜

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[ Fraternité de Liberté Primiere ]
« on: June 22, 2020, 03:39:07 AM »

Who among us could possibly oppose such a righteous cause? Who would support the rivers of blood spilled to ensure complete and total dominion of our illuminated République? Or should I say, Empire?

Look none other than to the souls who now lead La Jeune Compagnie, whom have betrayed La Fraternité de Liberté and the common men and women of Dementlieu. Whom have betrayed and chosen to align themselves with the USURPER Marius de Mortigny, Duc d'Ameranthe, Le Maitrisier and his cronies in the Palais Dirigeant, whom to this date refuse to speak of or announce an election, whom have revoked the right of common people to choose their destinies and form political parties to support their preferred candidates as a measure to protect their interests, their families, and their futures. Not to remove the venerable institution of the nobility, but to relieve the burden of the welfare of their families from the sole leaership of the nobility - whom of which have long since overlooked, neglected, exploited and forgotten their Noblesse Oblige.

Look to none other than Jacinth de la Rochenoire, a distant nephew of the Baron de Charbonne and man of the frock who has no prior military experience, and would not even be trusted with even his own Household's retainers, much less should he be leading the venerable and esteemed sons and heirs of Households greater than his own. Look to his cousin, Francette Vaillant née de la Rochenoire, whose leadership of the Theatre de la Cathedrale was found wanting, and whose duplicitous nature and betrayal of confidence of even her closest confidants and friends have lead some to suicide, and others to resignation from her service. Who would bring foul, foreign creatures masquerading in her Household colors for her carnal pleasure. Who cannot handle the burden of mustering actors and actresses - much less soldiers.

Look to the bastard son of the Baron de Charbonne, Narcisse de Verley, an accident born in shame and sin with a mistress during one of the Baron de Charbonne's debaucherous soirées and made second to Jacinth de la Rochenoire, a bastard to command true-blooded nobility and the assets of Ducs, Comtes, Vicomtes, and Barons.

Why would they allow these distant and disenfranchised nobles lead such an august company of our République's finest souls? For they support the Duc d'Ameranthe, and for they have betrayed the now absent Alix Martineau and her lover, Raymonde Tremblay, in exposing their support of the former Council of Brilliance, and spreading it widely to souls throughout the Western Core. Some may remember that for a short while, she served, through the de la Rochenoire nepotism and conspiracy, as a junior officer of La Jeune Compagnie, leading training sorties alongside her Husband and his family. It was through the actions of none other than the father-in-law of Francette Vaillant née de la Rochenoire that she was deposed, though not for the reasons you may think. Gregoire Vaillant's childish grudges against Mlle. Tremblay (Can one even call her a Rochenoire? Her Husband cared so little for her regard he would snitch on her for troubles at little as violating a 'no trespassing' sign, and boldly condemn her love for another whilst he plotted to divorce her to rut his bodyguard in the Clergy, Sylvie Coulette) were beyond reason. He would meet with his family and discuss how he shall put her in her place and teach her a lesson -- By threatening the withdrawal of VAILLANT SUPPORT from the WAR EFFORT unless she was revoked of her command. Loyal? Or a child. You decide.

A letter was written to the Palais Dirigeant by the Baron de Duchbourg, Gregoire Vaillant, demanding the removal of Raymonde Tremblay from her position, the removal of her from all authority in the military upon threat of the withdrawal of the support of House Vaillant from the war, the Baron's pettiness surpassed only by his treasonous support of the Usurper, and the secrets he would hide from us all shamelessly.

Look now, people of Dementlieu, for those among us who have ousted and exposed the soul which sought bravely to restore your freedom, your rights, and your liberties. For all of her flaws, for all that one may condemn the young woman for, La Fraternité de Liberté stands strongly in solidarity with Alix Martineau and condemns the supporters of the Usurper - for her actions for the many - speak volumes louder than her mistakes for the few. A fire burns in her heart where a hollow coldness remains in the hearts of our unelected rulers.

Does that fire still burn in yours, Citoyen?

⚜ Fraternité de Liberté ⚜

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