Author Topic: Server updated to 8193.5 and hak update 2_22 released!  (Read 2345 times)


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Server updated to 8193.5 and hak update 2_22 released!
« on: December 30, 2019, 12:53:15 PM »

We have updated the server to version 8193.5, the latest stable build. This means that to play on POTM you will need to update your game to the latest version. Additionally we've taken this opportunity to change our method of distributing hak updates in the future. From now on, we will be using NWSync, NwN's built-in feature to automatically transfer hak files to players, so you won't need to download the haks separately. The first time you try to log in after the update, NWSync will download the entire hak content to your computer but in the future whenever we make changes to our haks you will just have to download the files that have been modified or added.

To see the list of changes that will come with this hak update, click here. To view the update changelog, click here.

We are excited about these changes and hope that the transition will go smoothly.

The POTM Team
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