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Night Warden's Memoirs (Dracos von Nightscape)
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"An odd sense comes to me as I wander down into the Drain once more here in Vallaki. I have been to transcribe my thoughts upon an enchant book to retain Memoirs of memories and thoughts. Above all feelings I long closed off to myself. In the span of a month I have met many lives that resound faith in the populace, lives whom inspire me, above all lives that remind me of my ambitions. I am a doctor more so a priest of Shar in her long forgotten reign who once aspired to be a Night Cloak. And yet I see the temptation of the lure of evil some of my clergy beset but such evils are quickly Quelch and quickly discovered in this land if one is not careful. There must be an order to things there must be a plan to her divinations and wishes. The land of Vallaki fears the night but of the monsters with in it like the lycanthropy who stalk the land."

"It entertains me though I show no expression when one assumes the Avenging Mother of Shar and immediately fear her with tragedies and tales of trauma. It saddens me they met with such filth of my order to not truly understand that Shar and Selune were once one and were both beloved. but, how quick they are to discard and harm me as those of Selune did to Shar. It disgusts me but their slights will not go unpunished. Times is on my side and such people are soon the folly of their own discord and tragedy. This is clear with the Fox company, with domn Kendric Grayfox, and especially of Viccar Sasha."

"Viccar Sasha has been missing for some time. A former Sharran and believer of Shar who beckoned me to leave the night to accept the day. The very irony that she herself would be accepted to their fold given her faith and her actions. but, that is the oddity of this world this Realm of Dread. Thankfully I am a man of honor and such slights will be avenged in time but not by my hand but by the irony developed by those who scorn me shall they be their own undoing. It will hold a special place our briefest conversation her and I the fear she held the concern in her eyes for me."

*The voice seems to tremble* "My mind is aghast for the feelings I bare to lady Em. It seems astounding one would find such comfort in my wisdom or actually even take heed. She is the rarest of gems in this god forsaken realm of dread among the many. Though I offer my abilities as a doctor and cleric to many they have consider my actions as kindness. I will go along with this I can say entirely I am good but I am a man of value of honor and to my word. Each prayer given in the name of Shar is one more in this realm for her to grow. Though I am at odds by Em.'s affections."

*Sadness to his voice.* "I have not seen Em for some time. Maybe I will ask domn Yolven of her where about. For now weeks have passed in my slight by the Genermie and Jean Renaud. This subserviently and passive role is not much to my liking but it serves its purpose and I have done all I can to ensure my safety. Ironically the lady of the Night blesses me again in acquiring associates who show... kindness to me. It seems my reputation as the good Doctor is expanding. Though my faith refrains from grasping large wealth or station higher than one of my clergy should I am alone. Perhaps with this new found pathway I can grow followers in the Avenging Mother's name. In Shar's name many and few know of my true faith and those who spread of whom I worship soon cause others to reject them for their harsh treatment to me... this world is so odd and yet so freeing."

*Irritation in his voice* "Goddess I cannot believed I kiss Eden's cheek. This new friend/ally she is different. tender, smart, above all vexing. If I am not careful I will lose my focus I must keep my emotions and feelings in control and never be more than passive. but, Eden's words rock truth that some in the Outskirts seem discontent to a normal society a normal union. Gallivanting like sheep with out a caretaker to no order. One had the nerve to curse me with words in the open and for that slight I would have render him in utter darkness and let the negative energies of this realm devour him alive. But, such actions would only throw concern and ruin my new life as  the "Good Doctor." Patience is the work for the reward after long awaiting. These new allies, friends, have awoken my ambitions and aspirations."

"Visiting the Drain once more brings back nostalgia when I worked for Boris and Simon as a young surgeon for the Ratters. Now I possess only two of the four Spikes of Ezra we once held and here maybe once more I can begin my research again anew. To remake these spikes and to graph the symbols with Shar could be a powerful tool this Seal of Banishment. A tool meant to lock those of darkness away should only be fairly used on those who are incompetent in the light. I understand its machinations, how it works, its purpose, but I lack the tools and funds especially the laboratory to work on this again. I regret giving away my previous two as gifts to the ezrite Victor though I do not regret giving one to my Champion Luccius whom I will hold dear to my heart as the first to accept me in this new age. I will have to send him letter to see how he is doing."

*A almost content sound* "I have forgotten how easy it is to tame the minds of Orcs, Caliban's, and Twist though dangerous and deceptive they are indeed simple minded of most. The best are those with the capability of true thought and sentience they can be molded, bettered, and above all raised. It is like returning home to ugly children or those small foul ugly dogs with squash noses. Though these creatures will bite or kill me if I am in the wrong but at least their natural loyalty to these gestures spares me having to deal with the other riff raff in the Drain. Hoth but gave me a nod and I am uncertain if it is in good tiding to my return or simply a reminder to be on my best behavior at his bar. Though the smell of sewer permeates my nostrils the nostalgia comforts me compare to up top the surface where I must wait to Night to feel relief from the torturous day light. THese people of the shadows deserve her blessings deserve her comfort more so than those above for they not fear the dark nor hate it. tHe need it, they relish in it, and for that I spare them my wrath and offer them my service as freely as I do those of the surface and light."

*the magical memory seems to fade with no more entries.*
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