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Lost in my own Woods [Alan Hunter]
« on: April 27, 2020, 09:52:01 PM »
Lost to his thoughts with no real purpose or value Alan had wandered sharing rumors and information with the Church of Ezra. Many of Ezra would find him spending more time at the refuge of Light as well as at the church. Discreetly he is often alone and to himself with plans and various books strewn on a make shift table and desk of forest wood. He often smell of ale and cigarettes' smoke of a sweet cherry flavor lamenting to himself. Few of the Acolytes may even catch him talking to himself though it wasn't sure if it was in drunkenness' or insanity. In particular he sat to write in one particular book colored of the Ezra faith and marked with the seal of Ezra though and he would be eerily silent.

I haven't written long and my ride from Ghastria chasing a fellow Ezrite to make sure he doesn't get himself murdered out there has driven me nuts. Mathew Garret is safe and is officially a Toret now and I can rest a bit easier knowing this. He is suited and a bit more compassionate but though he is experience in the faith and maybe the legion like most of these so call brothers and sisters I worry their faith blinds them of the world. I have considered to rekindle my Bestiary in hopes maybe the church will find use for it in my perhaps demise or absence but I doubt they will. I have also considered to continue my family's work both in the magical arts and forging. I miss my old friend Alfidis she taught me much in forging as well as my little sister and late niece. I am a coward I fear to be the man I need to be every day because such men die or in this case to be ridiculed by the very people I intend to protect. Sometimes I think Beatrice was right to leave the people to their works but if Good men do nothing then does the Legion win.

So aside from my work on the Bestiary I also have considered to begin training in forging and alchemical pursuits aside from my base herbalism. I'm no Monster Hunter but I know I am more then capable of those self proclaimed Hunters or at least I discreetly make myself unknown to avoid the repercussion of those intelligent among the Legion. I have considered to work on building various whips, weapons, and tools that maybe the church or a lucky Hunter may find use to protect themselves against such foes. Faith can take you so far, confidence can take you so far, but precaution can save your life. Hopefully in the next few weeks I have the coin to save up and begin my work maybe Garett will be kind and give me lodging at the rEfuge if not Degannwy isn't to bad and I am use to being on the road.
"For Evil to win is for good men to do nothing."