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Author Topic: Kindred Night (Dracos von Nightscape)  (Read 606 times)

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Kindred Night (Dracos von Nightscape)
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Rain drummed against the walls of the old Library in port. Those about would notice a man, a librarian, arrange books and adhering new ones to the library's collection. Wavy long strands of chestnut brown color hair cascaded along the man's shoulders and piercing purple eyes surrounding black pupils gaze too each book and catalog carefully. He somberly wears general black with trimmed gold wearing often a suit or sir coat a red ascot often about his neck over a white poet shirt. Generally the man is soft spoken and seldom shows any expression of joy or interest as he worked among his books. Some could catch Dracos von Nightscape in the library but even more so catch him alone in some dark corner writing in journals and ledgers away from people. Though not curious it is a sight for many to behold the silent lamenting man quill at hand as if he were writing an epoch.


 In golden lettering he wrote his thoughts to his journal. "Twas but a week ago in time had I met this woman E. An intriguing and mystifying woman an associate of my brief acquaintance with sir Yolven in my pursuit to auction a relic. She has rekindled an interesting aspect of myself I had long buried. Never have I spoken so much to an individual personaly in such a long time I had forgotten the tenderness of company. I had separated myself from people and my ambitions because of the wrong people in my life. I felt destroyed so many years ago by the Fox Company when my band of Calibans, no good men like Hagdush, and I were force to disband and treated as criminals as we try to give hope to the poor of the Republique. We were on missive to a Bounty to hunt a criminal which was no crime but by the Fox and the words of criers were we accused to be a band of evildoers. Our only crime was the blood of criminals on our hands doing the task neither the Gendermie or the Fox would do. In favor to free my men I was forced to disband my gathering and separate myself of them and leave Dementlieu as penance the Fox Company and Gendermie stolen my shield and mace as a price of fine. Dishonored and shamed I but bowed my head to this as the lives of these men were my responsibility and were of my guidance.

In irony did it sooth my soul that fate would avenge me of this slight as their leader Remi and the Fox were disbanded years later for treason and betrayal in their own ranks. Utter Irony, I could not help but be a bit humored and elated at this news, I even gone as far to give that female that calls itself Lydie now my sympathies. Though I have spoked with the Hawk in the past I am uncertain if my previous crimes under suspicion were nulled. It would be well for me to ask the current leadership of the Gendermie if this is so the case given the questionable and now dishonored Fox Company. I am amused to recall such things over a meal with E She seems enamored of my wisdom calling my speeches and fourth comings as if I posses a third eye like some priest or sage of some foreign nation. In truth it is flattering never did I met some one willing to soak wisdom as a cloth soaks blood in a autopsy. She is eager or simply in desire of need of such guidance maybe? E seems to take my chivalry and code to heart which is better than the artist, Meyer of the street whom found my name amusing and even disregarded me as some joke. Even praising her work she set me aside as if I am no more worthy than those she try to impress.

No matter it is E I owe thanks to and I shall pray to the Lady of the Night for her well being and prosperity. It is E who has reminded me of myself and my confidance there is much work to be done and I am in need of Solares if I am to begin again my desires. A librarian sustains me but I will need more to fulfill the needs of my faith. I cannot be too ambitious less I go against her will but to restore the honor of the Nightcloaks in this land I will need her favor more than ever and to my dearest E I shall reward for reminding who I am and not the doctor I chose to be.
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