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Zsofika: A collection of moments
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Zeidenburg 18th April 776

Zsofika aimed quickly and fired her pistol, shooting one of the assaulter right in the chest, but only to see two more taking his place...
The Fifth Company first line had been shattered, and the Nerullite cultists quickly reached her, while she was recharging...Zsofika had only the time to see Balt going down surrounded by foes...then all went black.


The Nerullites were after the Lord Regent, and the Fifth was trying to protect him, taking shelter inside an Ezrite Church...two waves of enemies had already been repelled...but the third was probably too much...


An hand grabbed Zsofika, wrestling her form the blackness of was Erzsebet.
Corpses were lying everywhere on the ground of the Church, humans, demons, comrades, cultists...the whole place was filled with the smell of blood mixed with gunpowder.

The sight of Erzsebet filled Zsofika with a sensation of safety...she was a fierce fighter, she had repelled them all, saved them all...Zsofika was sure of that.

"Come with me, I can take you somewhere safe."

"Somewhere... Safe?"

The request sounded weird to Zsofika, they had to tend to their comrades before...then she was abruptly filled with Erzse cut the the Lord Regent's head off, putting it inside a bag...

"Erzse what have you done...?"

Was all she was able to say...while she realized the betrayal...but Erzse had already she always used to do with great skill...

Zsofika couldn't go with her...she thought about all her comrades, lying on the ground...about her family, still under the boot of the Devil...about the shame she would have brought upon them all...and upon herself.


Despite of the horror she perpetrated, Zsofika could not find any hate for Erzse inside her heart.
She considered Erzse a Friend, they used to spend nights together, on watch on the walls of Berez, chatting, sharing stories of their past, sharing dreams for the future...

Ersze had probably no idea about how much Zsofika admired her...her strength and resolution...even her stubbornness...

All that she felt now, was a hollow inside herself...not hate...only delusion...despite everything, she would have missed Ersze in the nights to come, alone on watch...for a while...tears would have been her only companions on the walls of Berez.

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