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Heir of Mortals - A Dark Tome
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A book standing open in some dark abode near or maybe far from where you now stand; its ink still wet and waiting as if this were but the start.
-=Heir of Mortals=-

“He is dead, he has been dead for some time I have mourned him in private and built him a memorial out of my memories, which is the only private place I have now.” “And even that not so private I do not guard it...” I am Halvor Hadiya, you may have heard of me - author of the Book of Controlling Evil, greatest of those mortals to have come from the Red Academy. I write this tome as an account and guide to all those who would tread the path of ascension.

The Scourging of Degannwy

What strange day and night that has transpired, I am giddy at the very recollection of it. Where I thought to find no project or purpose that might rouse my spirits or fill me with excitement as once known, I now find it in spades and look towards the future. You see, I was curious. One of my men had received reports on the appearance of an old boogeyman, I must admit I indulged more out of amusement than any genuine thought that it might offer tangible results. But in the usual fashion I excelled at all I put my hand to. Drawing the four pointed star and making of it a net I cast my powers out into and to my surprise a legend stepped forth from my word’s.

His Presence

The first thing I knew of him was a sudden change in climate, cold and hot at once. Like my face was held to a fire while the rest of one’s body is submerged in icy water, the room shook and it was in flames he appeared. “Who dares”, “How dares”, “I dare”. I did not know its nature anymore than I knew its history, this left me at a startling disadvantage I seldom dane to put myself in, expecting nothing to happen was my folly. However, I knew he had reappeared after all this time with a purpose. Something yet to complete, I understood if I could be of value I’d be safe. Falling to my knees and service on my lips. “Oh lord, we call you forth to serve. Command us and we shall make you desire so”, I knew at the very least I could outrun my companion.

Establishing a Permanent Gate

There are such places in this world of ours, places of power, alien ruins and rock formations that jut out of great ley lines that connect to the mantle and the very bones of the Core. Or others still are the scenes of great evil; as I’ve explained in my text the Book of Controlling Evil, EVIL exists. Unbeknown to myself at the time I had linked two places together, one the forest glade of Degannwy and the dark chasm of Sithicus. Like draws like, look at your own friends now how many of them share traits that are disagreeable, now think how many are agreeable. It is the common link that binds all men and even demi-humans together. So why should anything else be different?

To awaken the dormant connection I needed blood, specifically the literal hearts blood of the elves. Some link between them and Sithicus that I am still yet to understand, however the result remained the same. Drawing out a circle followed by the conical four pointed star I was able to draw power to one of these links between places: I killed five elves and offered their hearts to the ritual and upon that casting the ninth circle gate I opened the pathway to legion.

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