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Donations to support this website and server
« on: February 10, 2020, 12:43:39 AM »
Hello fellow prisoners,

As everyone knows, the server periodically extends out the voluntary opportunity for members of the community to donate in order to cover the costs of server and webhosting.  We attempt to keep these public requests to a minimum, but handling expenses is always a necessary evil.  Any donation that members of the community are willing to spare will be helpful and all of it will be solely used for the purposes of maintaining and renewing our server hosting and webhosting contracts.

To donate, please select the appropriate PayPal links:
PayPal Canadian Dollar | PayPal Danish Krone | PayPal Euro | PayPal Pound Sterling | PayPal Norwegian Krone | PayPal Swedish Krona | PayPal US-Dollars

Thank you all for your continued support and contributions to our shared server, Prisoners of the Mist.

-The Head DM Team and Server Administration
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