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Transcribed Savagery - Wrak
« on: January 14, 2020, 10:14:39 PM »
In the early month of the year 774 under the auspicious of our mighty and eternal ruler Lord Hazlik, I, have been commanded as one of the few literate slaves to transcribe the history and observations of my Masters directed being.

Wrakwrath Al'Gorash Painscream

Despite the difficulty with language I was able to being to decipher many initial facts about the Orcish man. Once the understanding of our mutual directive was understood, he began to convey to me his life. His early life in an orcish tribe, his fathers displacement as chief and subsequent death. It was also relayed their inclination to worship the figure of the Red Dragon. Despite my excitement and querys it rapidly became clear to me that there was no dragon with their tribe, only a distant memory, an ancestor it was conveyed of the whole tribe.

His initial journeys in this world were focused entirely on the understanding of this realm, and the manifestation of his tribal birthright. He has suffered greatly in pursuit of this, and long to his words, undergoing grand and difficult trials in exchange for the rising of his blood. Soon it will occur he believes, conveying this to me that it takes time for the changes to happen.

Most of this would have been difficult to believe naturally, if not for his relative ease in speaking a language other then common, a guttural tongue of growls and hisses that he claimed to be the word of dragons, the word of his tribe.

I will continue to transcribe all he says to me here. In this dark cell, he does not speak of freedom, or light. Yet he is held here, much the same as I, confined, unable to leave perhaps.