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Always Fighting Someone's War - Heltr
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The door to the warehouse opens, and in walks a one-eyed Dwarf. Tall for his kind, even noticeably taller than some of the shorter humans of Barovia, and muscles built like an ogre, Heltr walks in, "Heill, Gabriel."
Gabriel turns from taking inventory to take note of the Dwarf walking in, "... Oh, it is you again."
"Oh come now, ya didn't think I'd stop making my daily visits here didja? Don't act like ya wouldn't miss me."
Gabriel deadpans, "Completely beside myself in grief."
Heltr eyes the crates off to the side, fingers lightly stroking through his beard, "So uh... Whatcha got for me?"
"Nu, the same thing I had for tu the last time, se duce!" Gabriel exclaims, though his tone would hide that he seemed less annoyed with the Dwarf than appeared.
"Ya say that like I'm gonna learn from this. I'll be back tomorrow, then the next day, then the next day, and then the day after. And, really." Heltr holds his hands up, "I would have assumed that an upstandin' man of business like yerself would be flattered by an eager and persistent prospect like me." Heltr shows a devious smirk, Gabriel sets his parchment list down on the nearby crate and pinches the bridge of his nose.

After a moment, Gabriel puts his focus back on Heltr for a long minute, "... I may have a delivery job for tu then." finally giving in.
"But do not screw this up, stone eater, if tu do not arrive to ta destination, I will hunt tu down eu insumi." Gabriel added.
"Why Gabriel, I didn't know you cared so much..." Heltr jokes.
"Hunt tu down and break ta shin bone, and stab tu to moarte with it." Gabriel added yet again. Heltr closed his eyes with a smile on his lips and nods his head, "I shall ever endeavor to satisfy your needs so that I may avoid such a creative assault, now... Whatcha got for me?"
Gabriel nods over toward the right to a crate full of mining supplies.
"Right!" Heltr trots right over and lifts it up into his beefy arms, "Off I go, catchya later boss!" he says before marching out the door with the crate. Gabriel stands there for a moment, staring at the door he walked out of before witnessing the Dwarf kick it shut behind him. A sigh leaves Gabriel , a slight smirk, and a shake of the head as he goes back to taking inventory.

For hours, Heltr traveled through the rough terrain of the Barovian mountains, a downpour of rain beating down on him, a brutally heavy crate of mining supplies in his arms, he would diligently move through the storm without break. Hands gripped tightly on his crate, feet planted in the mud with each step, hours of strenuous travel didn't seem to slow him down much. He made sure to give the Crag Cats a wide berth, seeming as though they only wished to be left along. It was only until he arrived in Krofburg when his muscles were starting to fail, and fatigue started to set in. Some of the miners in Krofburg recognized Heltr, as this was a town that he spent much of his time in before. He moved further in until reaching his destination. By some miracle, his fingers managed to wiggle the door knob enough for the door to open up, and he pushed it open with the crate that he held. A soar, and tired Heltr would slowly finish strong, moving closer to the front desk before setting the crate down on the floor. "Delivery from Vallaki."
The woman behind the desk took a moment to look at the crate, then to go through a stack of parchment to pin-point the items delivered, "... Managed to find work in Vallaki, Heltr?"
"A Dwarf's gotta eat." Heltr responded.
The woman remained indifferent towards Heltr as she finished sorting through her documents. She reached over to the side and a sack of fangs "Your payment, 200 fangs."
Heltr marched over and snatched the sack off of the desk, "And I have no doubt at all that the feeling is not mutual when I say -it has been an absolute pleasure-." He jokes as he's already making his way out of the door. 

Heltr sat outside in the tented area of Krofburg, taking a lunch break, eating from a can of rations, this would be his first meal of the day. Each time the thunder struck it grew louder, and the louder it grew the more it reminded him of the earthquakes back home. With each earth quake he heard, he also could hear his father's voice shouting at him deep within his mind, there was an expression of disgust on Heltr's face. Setting aside his half finished can, his hand went over his mouth, and he went into long, silent contemplation. Over in the tent next to him he could hear loud, sickly coughing, a sound familiar to Heltr from miners, a condition with their lungs that could prove to be fatal if not treated. The man in the tent next to him didn't show any signs of letting up, obviously having been worked to the point exhaustion, and probably in the process of working up enough strength to make a trip back to the mine. The man would turn at the sudden sound of clinking noises, and finally take notice of a sack of 200 fangs left on a crate near him, enough for medicine, and a half eaten can of rations left for him.

Heltr was already long gone, knowing full well that no Barovian in their usual mentality would accept help from a filthy stone eater, he started making his long trek home through the harsh mountains.
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