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Letters of Light Moral Quality
« on: November 20, 2019, 06:52:43 AM »
Dear Dominika,

Do not read the whole letter right now and do not take it home. First break the bread and hide the fang inside of it where I showed you. And put some of the claw where your clothes and things are so Zeteny and Istvan think it is all the coin you have.

Do not spend it in one day. No more than one fang a week. Buy good new clothes for yourself and say it was a gift from one of the girls in the quarter that has grown her chest. Then buy ugly but warm clothes for Lazlo and say you and Fredek stole them.

You are getting older. Don't listen to Jusztina about working outside of town on a farm. She left us and you can do better. Wear the dress and go to Horatiu's Inn by the market. Ask him if you can serve tables in the morning. If he asks tell him you are already twelve. Smile a lot. Be nice. Say thank you and mister as often as you can. Don't forget to sew pockets inside the dress where you can hide the tips! Never work evenings. Say you do household then. Make something up.
Stop stealing food. You are too old they will beat you. If you see a treat teach Lazlo to get it for you.
Share it with him.

If you do it right you can afford to write me back. I am in Tigan's Rest. No worries about the name. People here are fine. If you need something really badly try to tell me.

I am well. Vallaki is smaller than Zeidenburg but there are a lot more strangers. They pay good. I will send you a lot more but I do not want the couriers to steal it if it is too much at once.

I do not know if I can send another letter before third February. If Csepan brings any of his friends home on that day leave. Go do something where Barovians see you. Work. Get caught stealing. Just make sure people know you were not with those rotten pitch stains.

I wish
I miss your stupid cold feet crawl under my blanket
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