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The Black leather-bound diary of Alana Tane
« on: September 17, 2019, 11:48:31 AM »
Alana glanced over her shoulder in the temple. Her features were lit by the flickering flames of the morning lord temple. It was late into the early hours of morning by now and still dark outside and the temple was unusually quiet.

"Hey, Mi'? Do you know what the date it?"

And from that simple question she would begin to write

28th of Martie 1st Year of my Presence.

I've taken on advice and thought to start a journal of my time here. Wherever here is - That bit is still a touch unclear. I've been told a number of names, Barovia, "The Core" - The misted lands. Either way I'm not in Baldurs gate anymore and I dont think I'll be getting back anytime soon.

So.. here we go.

First, I guess I should write about me, right? - I'm Alana Tane, Merchant-in-training. I grew up in Baldurs gate - an Orphan, go figure.. sorta..made my way off the streets, worked with the local markets, you know.. shifting money around..packing and unpacking carts - occasionally even buying and selling things. Then.. one night I just sort of.. found myself here. I went to bed then in the morning I was just.. laying on my back outside the Vistani camp. I honestly thought it was some sort of trick to begin with - a prank or something but.. Yeah. Noone was there, noone to jump out and say "Gotcha" - at least not yet.

Its been.. A few months, I think since I arrived. I wasn't keeping too close an eye on the dates when I arrived. So far things are getting a little easier. Not much, but a little. The original frustration with my safe to say Uselessness in all thingys combat related is eased up a little and I'm making a good profit from my work both adventuring and occasionally brokering trade deals (The merchants here will rob outlanders blind if they arent stopped - good place to earn some easy gold)

(They call gold coins "Fangs" here - no idea why.)

So far I'm not lacking on friends either. I met a lady called Eve (Short for Evelynn) yesterday and she helped me out for two days of work stright digging things up out of the sewers and the caves. Really nice but i've got that horrible feeling I'm not going to see her again, or that something might happen to her.

The people here hate magic, dont know why. I've heard people say its to keep the people scared. I dont get it- people have more than enough to be scared about already without that as far as I can tell but whatever. Its not like I know any magic myself.

Plans for the now? : Gold. Gold gold gold. Gold smooths the hand of diplomacy, eases the machniations of man and makes my life just that much easier.

Plans for the morrow?: Learning. Killiing the things of this place take alot of time and effort and they are exceptionally dangerous - unlike anything I've even heard of on the sword coast. Learning the means, the hows of doing this to the - frankly - highest extent - seems like the best way to not just survive, but to thrive in this place.

Steps to do this?: Libraries? Teachers? Hunters? - hard to say, I'd best ask around, quietly.