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Stupid... Stupid! STUPID!

I had no reason to travel back from Kroftburg at night... and I did it anyway.

I don't know what that thing forced me to eat... but they told me it must have been a cannibal.

The thought that I might have eaten a human's brain is stuck in my head.
I can't stop thinking about it.
I can't close my eyes without having nightmares now.
I can't concentrate when I fight.

They told me that it might have tried to turn me into a cannibal as well.
They gave me some elixirs to help, Tindle and a woman named Esmeralda.

But what if it's not enough?
What if I turn into one of those things as well?
I can't stop thinking about it.


Why did I have to leave Kroftburg at night?

Fear and rage are boiling into me.
I want to find that thing and kill it, for what it has done to me.
But I can't do it alone, there were more.

I want to make him eat his own flesh and cut his head off.
I want to cut his tongue and push my thumbs into his eyes.
If there is a way to make a ghoul suffer I will find it.
The gourmet, that's what he called himself.

I can't bear feeling like this.


More than one year was passed since Theresa joined the brothel.
Jorius learned that the best thing to do with her was staying away.
He felt emotions capable to make him vulnerable.

He didn't like that at all.

"You cannot have such thoughts for my girls, Jorius." Isfaen always said.

He was taught to bury his emotions.

But when she walked by, Jorius couldn't help but thinking about what she was going through.
He felt anger growing into him, it was his own wicked way to feel love another person.
Repressed jelousy, slowly releasing as anger.

He could not accept those emotions ruining his life, so he stayed away.
But you can stay away from a person that lives under the same roof only so much.

It was late night, which is like mid day for a brothel.
He was walking back to the entrance after dealing with yet another problematic guest.
Than a door to one of the rooms opened, Theresa came out of it, covered in bruises.
The two glanced at each other, Jorius noticed tears on her face.

That moment he stopped thinking normally.
Something was growing fast into him, he could not control it.
He stepped into the room, Theresa touched his arm trying to stop him but he couldn't feel it.

"Uh? What do you want?" A man around his late thirties was dressing himself.

Jorius looked at him with a cold and inexpressive face.
His right hand slowly raising toward the handle of the falchion on his back.

No... this wasn't worth his blade... cutting him down wasn't enough.
He slowly walked toward him keeping the cold expression.

"Hey...! WAIT!" The man grabbed a chandelier, hoping to defend himself.
Jorius grabbed his wrist, he turned it, the man screamed and the chandelier dropped on the floor.
Than he kicked him on the ground, sat on his chest and started punching him with all his strenght.

He couldn't feel the time passing.
He couldn't feel his knuckels crushing into the man's skull.
He couldn't feel the blood on his face.

Rage was the only thing he was feeling.

After some time he heard Theresa.


Jorius looked at Theresa, she was by the door, her expression was terrified.
Than he looked at the man's face and he realized what he did.

It was hard to tell, there was blood all over...
but he apparently drew out his eyes, teared some of his hair and punched his skull so hard it changed shaped.
Obviously, he was dead.

He turned again toward Theresa and realized why she was terrified.
He just killed a man out of pure anger.
And he did it like a wild animal.

They looked at each other one last time, and she ran away.

That was the first time Jorius killed a man by his own will.


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